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Common Exit Exam for All MBBS Medicos, whether from AIIMS or FMGE candidate: Cabinet Clears NMC Bill

Common Exit Exam for All MBBS Medicos, whether from AIIMS or FMGE candidate: Cabinet Clears NMC Bill

NMC Bill provides that the National Entrance Test, that is NEET, common counselling, and National Exit Test (NEXT) shall also be applicable to Institute of National Importance (INI) like AIIMS to have common MBBS standards in the country

New Delhi: Calling for a balanced uniformity in the Indian Medical Education System, the Union Cabinet has given its nod to the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2019 that calls for a common final year MBBS exam for all medicos in the country, whether they are from remote private medical colleges or from prestigious institutes at AIIMS.

The said exam, which will also serve as a licentiate-cum-PG medical entrance exam, will be called National Exit Test (NEXT) will replace NEET PG exam, effectively doing away with the need for a separate exam for PG medical entrances. Besides, in a move which will also bring relief to thousands of foreign medical graduates who face a low passing rate allegedly due to a tough FMGE examination, the same NEXT exam will also replace FMGE exam bringing a sense of uniformity to those MBBS pass outs who have pursued their graduation abroad and now wish to come to practice in India.

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Every year 80,000 students take admission into MBBS courses in about 480 medical colleges in the country, while 1.5 lakh students appear for entrance exams for admission to around 50,000 PG seats.

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The National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill seeks to replace the Medical Council of India Act, 1956, and usher in mega reforms in the medical education sector. The Bill will be introduced in the current session of parliament. It was first introduced in Parliament in December 2017, but lapsed with the dissolution of the 16th Lok Sabha.
The primary objections made against the bill at that time was the proposal to have a separate Licentiate exam- NEXT which would have been an additional burden on the students.
Earlier this week, the Union Health Ministry proposed to do away with NEET-PG and instead the final MBBS examination would be enough for admission to MD and MS programmes in the NMC Bill. The revised version of the same was presented today in the Union Cabinet, after the cabinet gave its approval to the same.

Salient Features of the NMC Bill 2019

  • The common final year MBBS exam, to be known as the National Exit Test, would serve as licentiate exam, as screening test for foreign medical graduates and for admission to PG medical courses.
  • The Bill provides that the National Entrance Test, that is NEET, common counselling, and National Exit Test (NEXT) shall also be applicable to Institute of National Importance (INI) like AIIMS to have common standards in the country
  • The Commission will also regulate fee and all other charges for 50 percent seats in private medical colleges and deemed universities.
  • Medical Assessment and Rating Board (MARB) will conduct an assessment to the medical college and develop a system of ranking of medical colleges which would enable the students to choose the medical college wisely.
  • These measures through an autonomous commission will ensure a transparent admission process and also reduce admission fee, as we have long been talking about fee regulation in private colleges

Implementation of the NMC Bill

  • National Medical Commission will have four autonomous boards — Under Graduate Medical Education Board, Post-Graduate Medical Education Board, Medical Assessment and Rating Board and Ethical and Medical Registration Board.
  • The National Medical Commission and the autonomous boards will ensure a dynamic and modern educational environment, reduce emphasis on physical infrastructure, achieve global standards and bring in an effective grievance redressal mechanism.
  • Greater representation to elected members through State Medical Councils have been provided in the Medical Advisory Council and the commission.
  • The strength of the autonomous boards have been increased from three to five and it includes two part-time members, of whom one doctor would be selected by the government and the other elected from the State Medical Council.
  • The Medical Assessment and Rating Board will grant permission to medical colleges for starting PG course and for increasing the number of seats based on the standards set by the undergraduate and postgraduate boards.
  • The annual renewal of permission for new medical colleges before recognition is being done away with in the Bill.

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  1. user
    Dr.Bharatsimha July 21, 2019, 11:15 pm

    NMC & NEP are deterimental to Medical fraternity , we all should oppose and fight against this draconian acts being tabled in Parliament.
    1. Professional education is merged with general higher education which is not good
    2. Medical education is to be separated from practice which is deterimental
    3. They have said councils are anomalies which is bad
    4. They want universities to have own curriculum which will takeaway uniformity
    5. Autonomy to be given to education institutions which will escalate problems and cost
    6. Wellness, prevention and cure policy has been brought to support Ayush doctors as wellness clinic is to be manned by them
    7. Pluralistic choices will dilute allopathy system
    8. Medical education is made crosspathy.
    9. They want lower medical quality cost but want to make institutions anonymous
    10. They want first 2years of common course for MBBS, BDS and NURSING. this is favouring bridge course. Also suggesting lateral entry. Ayush doctors employed in PHC levels.
    11. Centralised EXIT exam, phasing out of GNM courses in nurses and wants to bring nursing practitioners, allied Health course based on certification and they work as technicians in PHC
    12. We are Suggesting increase in MBBS seats, diploma course as intermediary consultants since a long time.
    13. There should not be any bridge course, no lateral entry for MBBS, no nurse practitioners.
    14. Same NMC bill in different words and remains anti democratic and anti federal and favours for corporate hospitals and medical colleges favouring 50% fixing of fees by them taking away the present policy of 100% fixing fees by government committee.
    15. NEXT exam is again a licentiate exam and it is a bottle neck and has strong urban bias.
    16. No inspection during starting of medical college and inspecting only at 3 years and that too only once
    17. The entire authority is only by SECRETARY (IAS) appointed by Government
    18. What is needed is we want altered medical council and refer to the parliamentary committee.
    19. Now NEP 2019 is in draft form and we need to object to the policy
    20. There is a document formed by IMA which we need to look in and put in our input and forward it to government

  2. So true… Plz govt. Be fair with us

  3. user
    Dr. Hiralal Gaikwad July 21, 2019, 12:03 pm

    NMC BILL is a good move by the govt. But the NEET PG EXAM scraping provision is against the Future of MBBS graduate.
    MANY QUESTIONS? ???????????
    1.IF someone gets poor NEXT exam,will he/she be allowed to reappear and improve score ?
    2.If he/she fails in repeat NEXT exam, then what will be his status?
    3.What about who have already passed MBBS?
    4.HOW many attempts will be allowed to who have already passed?
    So many questions to be addressed

  4. This is right deciaion to bring uniformity in medical fields.

  5. user
    Sandeep Manchanda July 20, 2019, 12:11 pm

    Bringing uniform standards always help bring better education quality. With rating system, one is able to compare institutes metodological way and eleminate corruption.Too early to find any faults in new system, as autonomous boards and state commission form and their detail functions are defined clarity shall emerge.

  6. user
    Dr.V.Sethumadhavan.MD July 19, 2019, 7:07 pm

    Students from rural medical colleges will be in an Disadvantage position, compared to Urban students when they are forced to take the MBBS, Exit exam. this will become obvious only when they are admitted for PG course admission by exit exam results.

  7. If we need quality doctors we must have a uniform test without any reservations or discrimination.

  8. This will never going to happen in our INDIA🙏

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