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Corruption at Medical Council of India: 2 MCI employees booked by CBI for trying to SETTLE irregular admission

Corruption at Medical Council of India: 2 MCI employees booked by CBI for trying to SETTLE irregular admission

New Delhi: The CBI has booked two employees of the Medical Council of India and a Hyderabad-based medical college in a bribery case to settle alleged irregular admission in 2016-17, officials said.

It is alleged that the MCI employees, Sandeep Kumar and Santosh Kumar, in conspiracy with a private person, Sushil Kumar, were abusing their official positions and also in a habit of taking bribes from various private medical colleges in order to show favor in miscellaneous work pending with the MCI.

“It was further alleged that Sandeep Kumar and Santosh Kumar conspired with Sushil Kumar. They demanded and obtained a bribe of Rs 4 Lakh from Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital and Research Center, Peeracheru, Himayatsagar Road, Hyderabad in September 2017 for showing undue favour in a matter pertaining to first-year registration of MBBS students with MCI for the academic year 2016-17,” a CBI Spokesperson said.

The agency carried out searches at multiple locations in connection with the case.

The information further revealed that Sandeep Kumar was posted in the MCI monitoring section and was tasked to process various communications received from medical colleges which were to be placed before mandarins of the MCI, the FIR alleged.

Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences Teaching hospital and Research Centre is a recognized medical college with the intake of 150 MBBS students.

In 2016, it admitted five students in general category for which query was raised by the MCI as they had less than 50 percentile marks in NEET.

The college allegedly claimed they were OBC candidates and submitted caste certificate. It said their names were entered in the general category by mistakes, the FIR alleged.

The notice was withdrawn by the MCI after explanation.

The CBI said clarification regarding one student was highly suspicious as caste certificate was issued five days after clarification was sought by the MCI.

It is alleged that by way of regularising the course of action regarding admission of five MBBS candidates Sandeep Kumar, Santosh Kumar, LDCs with MCI, and a private person Sushil Kumar collected Rs four lakh from an employee of Shadan Institute of medical sciences.

Source: PTI
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  1. Tell me one organisation or office which is not drowned in corruption. Remember we are developing. Vikas ho raha hai. So keep quiet.

  2. Nothing new, routine matter. sad truth of India where the educated class has ruined the country. Current educated class belongs to those elites who shout clogans for intolerance, caste, communalism against Hindus but ignore the fact that lacks of riots were incited by Congress during their long regime for vote bank politics. Hence this corruption in MCI isn\’t different from national scenario.

  3. user
    Dr.K.L.Shivakumar May 10, 2018, 2:02 pm

    Wherever u go corruption it is just like cancer.we cannot completely remove but we can reduce .

  4. If Govt Of India And whole nation is aware about the corrupyion of MCI especoally these ppl r taking from pvt medical colleges ..then why MCI IS not being banned forever.

  5. user
    MOHAMMAD YASEEN May 10, 2018, 11:23 am

    and told me here r we safe
    and I told them here in kashmir is pelleting stone boys are they not doing wrong with u

    oh wt they say

    they said no biya hum yahaan pe 4 saaloon se rehtei hai hum ko kabhi bi UNN logoon ne kuch na kaha
    then I told them no u r saying this Coz I m also kashmirI and u r daring
    they said no biya modi kahei kaaa ka hei
    hum koo kuch naahi
    hum bohat gareeeb hai yahaan pe guzzara achey se HOOTA hai

    shame on india
    as there are billion of people who are dieing with hunger and are saying
    made india (rapistaaan) DIGITAL

  6. This is not a platform for your minority sentiments. They are best for Facebook & Twitter to vent toxin. Please spare us!!

  7. Speaking from Islamabad…!!!