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Death During Normal Delivery: TN Medical Council suspends Gynaecologist for 6 months

Death During Normal Delivery: TN Medical Council suspends Gynaecologist for 6 months

The disciplinary committee found the doctor tried to needlessly wait for a vaginal delivery that lead to complications and death of the patient

Chennai: A gynaecologist was recently debarred from the medical practice for period of six months after the Tamil Nadu Medical Council held her guilty for medical negligence and misconduct. The decision was reached  in a general body meeting held a few days ago based on the inquiry done by the disciplinary committee of Tamil Nadu Medical Council (TNMC)

The decision came on the basis of a complaint that was filed against a Salem-based gynaecologist Dr Arivukkarasu, by one R Obuli Thilip, husband of the deceased women named Bhuvaneshwari.

According to the complainant, Bhuwaneshwari was admitted to the hospital on November 5, 2016 for the delivery of her second child. The patient was counselled to go for the vaginal delivery despite she had c-section for her first child. The doctors induced that patient with medication on November 7. The next day, the gynaecologist opted for artificial rupture of the membranes to push her to delivery, but the patient started developing breathlessness. She was provided with Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but the patient had convulsions and collapsed. The infant survived but unfortunately, the mother could not be saved.

Thereafter, the deceased’s husband filed a complaint against the doctor alleging negligence, THe complaint was forwarded to the council by the Directorate of medical and rural health services. The Medical Council of India(MCI) also forwarded the copy of the complaint to the State Council.

“In the initial audit meet, Dr Rani told experts that she did a C-sec after this and the patient died on the table. But after the anaesthetist whom she named denied being part of the surgical team, she said the baby was removed in a deeply-asphyxiated condition in a surgery after the mother’s death. We don’t know if she had given the anaesthesia on her own as no postmortem was done. The disciplinary committee concluded it as misconduct to make false statements in audits,” Dr. K. Senthil, president of TN Medical Council  informed TOI

Dr Senthil further informed that when the doctor was probed regarding the case, she stated in front of the committee that she was unaware of the previous c-section. However, the disciplinary committee considered this also a negligence on part of the doctor holding her guilty for needlessly trying to wait for vaginal delivery which lead to the complications and ultimately the death of the patient.

The doctor was then awarded a suspension of 6 months.

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  1. user
    Dr Mohini Nainani October 22, 2018, 8:29 am

    Shoking. News.

  2. possible family refused csec and doctor did best –accidents happen—too harsh punishment

  3. Mr.Manvir Gupta .If decased women is your are using same dialogue in this situation\”Accident happen – too Harsh punishment\”- Stupid

  4. the info given appears fishy. the maternal death could be attributed to the trial labor only if the death is due to uterine rupture either at the previous LSCS scar. the vaginal delivery after LSCS depends on the indication for the previous LSCS and the facilities available for the safe conduct of such deliveries. How did the committed know that the lady underwent previous LSCS? Was there any hospital record? A pfannen stiel or midline subumbilical scar by itself is not an evidence of LSCS. As far as the gynecologist herself administering the anesthesia also is not a crime in dire emergencies esp when anesthetist is not readilly available. Why was the possibility of pph not considered as a cause of meternal death? or amniotic fluid embolism? The involved physician sucuumbed to the self guilt and the pressure tactics by the investigating body and probably gave inconsistent answers. Even this is not an offence unless it is done under oath? Did she forge or alter the medical documents? if the medical records are inadequately maintained in an emergency situation even then the physician can be condoned. Appears to be the role played by the politics and vendetta by the adjudicating the professional collegues

  5. She removed baby after mother died but did not state this to discipline com.

  6. If she would have opted for CS then many would have asked why there was hurry !
    Though I am not justifying her !