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Death on duty: 48 year old doctor dies of heart attack minutes after reviving neonate

Death on duty: 48 year old doctor dies of heart attack minutes after reviving neonate

Kolkata: A 48-year old Kolkata doctor succumbed to a heart attack while on duty, just minutes after reviving a neonatal patient at a Primary Health Centre (PHC) at Patanda.

The doctor, Dr Bibhas Khutia was known to be a workaholic by his colleagues. He remained active all day to provide his service to the patients. He had himself developed a labour room at his PHC to provide relief to the expecting mothers coming to the healthcare centre.

His colleagues informed that a few months back, he was advised to undergo coronary angiography. He did not pay much attention to his own health and put his all focus on taking up the workload of the hospitals.

His sudden demise happened soon after he handled a case of delivery of a woman. After the delivery , the lady gave birth to a baby who was not showing any movement. The doctor immediately transferred the baby in a warmer and started pumping its heart to bring the newborn back to life. Immediately after reviving the body, the doctor collapsed on the ground. He was immediately transferred to a super specialty hospital by the staffs at the PHC where doctors declared him brought dead. He is reported to have suffered a heart attack.

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“When the new born did not cry after delivery, Khutia placed her in the labour room’s warmer and started pumping the baby’s heart. He slumped to the ground just as the new born started crying,” his co-worker informed TOI.

West Midnapore health officials were in grief on the sudden demise of the doctor.

“We salute his dedication while mourning his untimely death,” said a spokesperson of West Bengal Doctors’ Forum

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  1. user
    Dr Laxminarayan ojha January 29, 2019, 1:54 pm

    Salute to the doctor. RIP

  2. Any media any political parties any governmental beurocracy or private governing bodies any public social organisations for god sake take notice and say few words of consoles or do something to prevent such calamities in future.

  3. So sad but it will not make any national news ?

  4. Very sad and unfortunate, doctors must take care of self to help and save others.

  5. user
    Dr RAMESHVARDHAN January 19, 2019, 1:17 pm

    There is strict rules even for the drivers to not drive beyond stipulated hours. Nature doesn\’t permit every one to be heroic, discipline with dedication is more effective and efficient, not the other way. ( Dedication with out DISCIPLINE ). I have seen Arpana Sinha blog suggestions to cap to working hours , I THINK she is right by saying so. ( Instead of writing Rip, Unfortunate, Almighty……. better to come out with practical suggestions) .