AIIMS Oncopathologist amoung Mrs India Finalists

Published On 2018-04-08 14:51 GMT   |   Update On 2018-04-08 14:51 GMT
"I wish to focus on women empowerment and help blood cancer patients." – Dr Reena Mittal.

New Delhi: A pathologist attached to All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has been shortlisted among the top finalists for 'Mrs India - Queen of substance -2018'- a prestigious beauty pageant. She is the only doctor representing Delhi- NCR in the contest.

The 34-year-old Dr Reena Mittal is an oncopathologist and was a medical entrance topper from Madhya Pradesh. She is currently placed in top 35 of over 3000 applicants from India and abroad (NRIs) of the contest.

Believing that her five months of hard work has finally paid off, she told DNA, "This is a very prestigious contest where the winner is decided on the basis of talent, intelligence, passion, and vision for better India. I had been preparing for this contest for the last few months and it feels good to be among the top finalists."

Dr Mittal said that she wishes to continue with both her titles as education is her first love and she wants to focus on helping patients. "I wish to focus on women empowerment and help blood cancer patients," she added.

While talking to DNA, she shared that she is inspired by Reita Faria who is the first Asian to win the Miss World title in the year 1966.

Dr Reena Mittal is married to a kidney surgeon and the doctor couple resides in Delhi. She shared that her husband is the one who encouraged her to participate in the reputed beauty contest.

The Grand Finale for the 'Mrs India - Queen of substance -2018' will be held between April 11 and 13 at ITC Hotel in Delhi.

'Mrs India - Queen of substance ‘, the beauty pageant is a step towards acknowledging a married woman’s contribution to her family and society. It’s a platform with a strong motive to promote women empowerment.

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