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Delhi Doctors raise concerns over odd-even car formula

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Delhi Doctors raise concerns over odd-even car formula

New Delhi: With the Delhi government proposing a policy of odd-even cars on alternate days in Delhi, doctors seem to be getting into an additional dilemma. To combat the growing pollution in Delhi, the government has proposed that come 2016, vehicles ending with odd numbers can be driven on one day, while those with even numbers will be driven the subsequent day.

The move, unique for the country, can be seen in various parts of the world including Beijing, whose lessons government aims to replicate in the capital.

While, the decision has been hailed by many environmentalists as an apt response to growing smog in the “Most polluted city of the world”, concerns have been raised by many parties including the police, who say they are not equipped with the manpower to implement the policy, and the residents most of whom have just one car used for commuting to work.

What it means for Healthcare Professionals?

Healthcare professionals like other residents of city will face difficulties in commuting to their respective workplaces, especially medical organisations in areas waiting to get metro and lacking last mile connectivity. Medical professionals, in particular doctors are fearing the brunt of this policy owing to the nature of their work and requirement of timely/emergency presence.

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” We have duty hours ranging from 12 hours and going upto even 36 hours. This means one day i am taking my car to the hospital to begin my duty, and when that particular duty ends, i cannot take my car back home. I may have to stop using my vehicle altogether” said a resident doctor working in a prominent Government Hospital.

The plight of taking a car, will not be limited to government doctors and government hospitals alone. Even doctors working in the private hospitals are confused on how they are supposed to work. A senior Cardiologist working in an eminent private hospital iterated,”We rush to the hospital in case of cardiac emergencies regardless of the time of the day or even night. For us time is of key essence. I don’t mind using the public transport at all, but what if, that gets delayed In emergency?”

The decision of the government comes as a desperate move after Delhi High Court reprimanded the government on the issue of Delhi becoming a “GAS Chamber”. In November and early December the city’s air quality slumped to hazardous levels, with levels of PM2.5 pollutants, the very fine particles that get lodged inside the lungs and cause the most damage, soaring to 12 times above WHO’s safety level of 25 micrograms per cubic meter.

While it is reasonable to expect that medical emergencies and patients travelling to the hospitals will have to be excused from looking at their number plate before going to the hospital, its also important to look at the needs of the healthcare professionals to be able to smoothly move to and fro from their respective workplaces.

“We as doctors agree that growing pollution poses a serious health threat to the residents of the capital. But the government needs to work out the minor details of the proposal before implementation. Its important that they hear the concerns of the medical fraternity, as the decision will have repercussions not just on doctors, but finally on patients as well.” said Pankaj Solanki, President FORDA.

Meanwhile, the Delhi government has appointed a high powered committee to work out the details of the said proposal.



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  1. Curative rather than symptomatic treatment is required in all metros including in delhi where the Real pollutants are rapidly mushrooming household industries in unauthorized colonies & the commercial 3 wheeler carriers & trucks thronging the major roads even during day time leading to slowing of cars & ambulances/traffic jams further aggravating pollution from slowed down/waiting/stranded vehicles….. Curative solutions are: 1.Stop financing of cars ( only those who can afford will buy 2.Disincentivise manufacturers to sell in metros & incentivise them for selling in towns & villages ( there financing can be permitted as it will improve life of villagers in commuting for essential services) 3. Remove & restrict all slow moving vehicles from major roads including the Rickshaws ( hard & harsh decisions for hard times just like cancer treatment requires drastic measures)…4. time of movement of commercial trucks/three wheeler tempos only late night & early morning ( 12 am to 3 am)…4. STOP & SEAL all illegal industries in residential colonies ( with quality assurance of their waste disposal strictly enforced even for the legal ones)…5. Remove all settlers from yamuna bed irrespective of any political considerations & enforce strictly that industrial waste is not flowing in to the river as water pollution is another concern( see the increasing cancer incidence)…6.Introduce prior obtaining due work-permit to all those who want to settle in Delhi thru migration so as to decongest in their own health interest as living in shanties & slums is deleterious to them…

  2. This is indeed a peculiar problem; I reside in Greater NOIDA, and drive to South Delhi 5 days a week for work. This formula is probably restricted to private vehicles registered in Delhi only(mine is registered in NOIDA) but still, I am apprehensive and anxious.

    Maybe the government should deliberate upon modifying the Motor Vehicles act to introduce unique DOCTORS’ registration Plates and exempt doctors from such silly rules. The IMA should take this initiative.

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