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Deputy Collector detains Gynaecologist late at Night after “sting operation”, Doctors see red

Deputy Collector detains Gynaecologist late at Night after “sting operation”, Doctors see red

Bhopal: Medical fraternity gathered to protest against the Deputy Collector who took a city-based practicing gynaecologist in custody after conducting a “sting operation” for her alleged involvement in illegal abortions.

The matter concerned one Dr Garg, an assistant professor at the gynaecology unit of Gajar Raja Medical College (GRMC) medical college. The local administration conducted a sting operation in her private clinic where the deputy collector posed her as a destitute pregnant woman who requesting medical termination of pregnancy to the doctor on Saturday morning.

Following the sting operation, the doctor was summoned at the Vishwavidhlaya police station late at midnight. She was not allowed to meet anyone including her family members.

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Annoyed with transgressions, the husband of the gynaecologist circulated a message on social media to seek help from her fellow medical professionals.

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Medical professionals, private as well as government doctors including the IMA members came out and built pressure on the administration, sitting outside the office demanding the release of the doctor who had been remanded late at night. Finally with the strong objections of the doctors, which the gynaecologist was released.

The doctor then called for an indefinite strike demanding suspension of the deputy collector and all other administration officials involved in the ‘sting operation’ accusing them of ‘subjecting the doctor to an undue harassment by keeping her in detention for 8 hours without proper evidence against her involvement in illegal abortions’, reports the TOI.

The doctor denied any allegations of conversation on abortion while the Deputy Collector claimed that the doctor was ready for the abortion and claimed to have evidence against her which she will present in front of the collector.

The collector after having a discussion in this regard announced that the deputy collector will be transferred to another place. He further ordered a detailed probe on this matter, reports the Swaraj Digital.

Following this, the protesting doctors called off their strike.

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  1. user
    Dr R.V.RamanaRao July 4, 2019, 7:52 pm

    I think Deputy Collector is not the Dist magistrate unlike the Dist Collector. I feel even the Dist Collector should not
    detain a respectable lady in the night. For any doubt, whether the accused may likely to escape, House arrest may be done if there is any evidence.
    Violation of Supreme court orders by these officials, will it be sufficient if they are simply transfering them to other place!

  2. Even if the allegations are true, summoning and detaining a woman, that too a doctor at midnight is highly unacceptable. Everything should be done lawfully.

  3. This violation of Supreme court\’s judgement that no doctor or advocate can be arrested without evidence

  4. user
    dr.p.Gangadhara Rao July 2, 2019, 3:42 pm

    Dear professional colleagues

  5. Abortions and MTP are indeed legal in India. Considering the population crisis right now, the last thing we should be discouraging in this country is abortions! Deputy collector seems to be more influenced by current affairs of USA than India 😂

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