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DNB, FNB programs at Hospital, Medical college: NBE releases information bulletin

DNB, FNB programs at Hospital, Medical college: NBE releases information bulletin

New Delhi: With the July/August Cycle for applications to start/renew DNB, FNB courses at medical colleges and hospitals now on, the National Board of Examinations (NBE) recently released the Information Bulletin and Application Forms for Accreditation with NBE

1. National Board of Examinations (NBE) accredits hospitals/institutions for running DNB programme in various Broad & Super Specialty and Fellowship programme in various subspecialty areas.

2. Applications are invited from hospitals/institutions/medical colleges for seeking fresh/renewal of accreditation in various DNB/FNB programme for July/August cycle of year 2019 in NBE prescribed format.

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3. INFORMATION BULLETIN 2019 – July/August Cycle: The information bulletin contains details of a minimum requirement(s) / criteria for seeking fresh/renewal of accreditation with NBE and the process to submit applications to NBE. Please read the information bulletin before applying for accreditation. Same can be accessed on NBE website under quick link “Accreditation Online” and can be downloaded directly from the link below:

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Information Bulletin 2019 – July/August Cycle – NBE Accreditation for DNB & FNB Programme

4. Applicant hospitals/institutes shall be required to register online at Online Accreditation Application Portal (OAAP) for submission of accreditation applications to National Board of Examinations. The Online Accreditation Application Portal can be accessed through NBE website under quick link “Accreditation Online” or through the link

Click here for Online Accreditation Application Portal

5. Applications for seeking accreditation with National Board of Examinations can not be submitted without completing the online registration and submission process. Applications submitted without completing online registration and submission process shall not be processed. Following steps shall be required to be completed for accreditation application submission – 2019 – July/August Cycle:

• Register a User – Online: On behalf of the applicant hospital, an authorized official shall register a username.

• Register the applicant hospital – Online: The registered user shall be required to register an online profile of the applicant hospital. Already registered hospitals need not register again. Please login to the OAAP account to apply for accreditation. After login, please check the quick link “NBE Accredited seats” for confirming the year in which the hospital needs to apply for seeking renewal of accreditation for a particular programme.

• Register an application & Uploading Accreditation Processing Fee details – Online: On successful completion of online registration process for applicant hospital, the applicant hospital shall be required to register the application online in the specialty for which accreditation is desired and update the details of accreditation processing fee paid.

• Complete the Application Forms and Upload Annexure – Online
On successful verification of receipt of accreditation processing fee, the weblinks to complete the Main & Specialty Specific Application forms shall be activated. The applicant hospital shall be required to complete & submit both the forms online as instructed therein.

• Submission of Hard Copy Main & Specialty Specific Applications – Offline: The hospital shall be able to take print outs of application forms filled-in online. It shall be required to spirally bound the duly signed & stamped hard copy print outs of application (i.e. Main Application form and Specialty Specific Application Form) with necessary enclosures and submit within the stipulated period to NBE.

6. CUT OFF Dates: The applicant hospitals shall be able to register an application online during 16th August 2019 to 16th September 2019. The applicant hospitals shall NOT be able to register & submit any new application online and/or upload accreditation processing fee details on Online Accreditation Application Portal after. The hard copy application forms (i.e. Spirally bound Print Outs of online submitted Main & Specialty Specific Application forms with required enclosures) to be submitted to NBE within 2 weeks of online application submission.

7. For any query/clarification/assistance, please write to NBE at email ID:

For more details please visit the official website of NBE is mentioned below:


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