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Do not Drink with Non Doctors: IMA releases Alcohol Policy

Do not Drink with Non Doctors: IMA releases Alcohol Policy

New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has directed its office-bearers to refrain from drinking with “non-doctors” and become “brand ambassadors of health” for the society.

In a recent advisory, the representative voluntary organisation of doctors has also asked its members to observe dry days on July 1 (Doctors’ Day) and September 5 (Teachers’ day).

It also suggests a “safe limit” for alcohol consumption — 18 ml for male and 9 ml for female doctors.

“No alcohol should be served at IMA meetings,” says the advisory, which is part of the IMA’s “alcohol policy”.

It says doctors have a responsibility to put into practice what they preach to patients on leading a healthy lifestyle.

It urges them to maintain dignity before patients, a dictum also laid down in the Medical Council of India’s (MCI’s) code of ethics.

“A physician shall uphold the dignity and honour of the profession. A patient should be able to trust his doctor and have confidence in him. Any public display of ‘undignified’ behaviour erodes the trust in the doctor and gives the profession a bad name,” said Dr KK Aggarwal, National President of the IMA.

Following are the Key features of IMA alcohol Policy

IMA Alcohol Policy
1. Ist July and 5th September dry days
2. No social alcohol in company of non doctors
3.  6 grams ( 18 ml of whisky) is the social and safe dose of alcohol
4. IMA Meets: No alcohol
If served follow 6 gram limit for relaxation if can’t < 10 gram per serving, no second serving in less than one hour and no more than two servings in one day, 50% for women)
5. IMA host to ensure that guests do not drive back if they are served alcohol.
5. One standard peg = 10 grams (1 ml alcohol = 0.8 grams) = 30 ml of 80 proof whisky with 40% alcohol .
12 g = 360 mL beer, 150 mL wine, or 45 mL of 80 proof distilled spirits
Liver can metabolize 10 gm of alcohol in one hour ( 50% in women)

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  1. Why can\’t India set up law for all these indescent life style patterns by compeletely banning these poisons. Don\’t know when India establish new law for this and change

  2. I fully agree with Mamta Bhusan Singh. we, ourselves have to set some examples. I wish to add
    6. No private practice if taking nonpractising allowlance from Govt.
    7. Do\’nt allow companies to finance any of your programme.

  3. user
    Mamta Bhushan Singh July 1, 2017, 2:12 pm

    Absolutely right BM. But do we really have the moral character to do this? Of course not. We do not deserve anyone\’s respect if we carry on the way we are today.

  4. Good policy

  5. Huge cocktail bashes following every medical conference with all imported scotch and wines funded by Health Care industry is a common site . I wonder whether our doctor friends can resist the temptation,

  6. I am life member of IMA, but I have not joined local branch, and have not attended any of their so called meetings, which actually are social jamboree meant for free liquor and food courtesy , Pharma company . In addition there is lots of politics, back stabbing, wheeling dealings at them. Certain Doctors behave as medical mafiosi . It is place better avoided. Then IMA has not served any useful purpose for the doctors, if it had, doctors would not be in conditions that they face today.