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Doctor collapses and dies in front of patient after working 18-hour shift

Doctor collapses and dies in front of patient after working 18-hour shift

China: A medical practitioner in China is reported to have suffered a stroke and died after going through a gruelling shift of 18 hours straight. The doctor simply collapsed in front of the patient and despite resuscitation efforts that lasted around 20 hours could not be saved. reports that Zhao Bianxiang, 43 years, who was deputy head of respiratory medicine at the Yuci District People’s Hospital in Jinzhong City in China, died from a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is caused by the rupturing of an aneurysm in the brain.

She was with a patient, inquiring about the patient’s wellbeing from attendant when the incident happened, around 12 pm.  Her final words were  ‘how is your mum?’ to the patient’s daughter before she instantly collapsed right in front of them.

It was not immediately clear what caused the stroke but colleagues described her as a “workaholic” who put her job before her personal life. Her shift started at 6pm the night before and she had not stopped for a break, her colleagues told the Shanxi Evening News.  She had confessed to her colleagues that she was ‘too busy’ to take a break, reports the local daily in China.




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  1. When doctor patient ratio is too less, organisations force the already scarce personnel to serve patients for long hours.And this is the result.

  2. And patients, ministers, politicians call them murderers

  3. There must be legislation towards restricting duty hours of doctors, including residents. There must be restricted \’Emergency on call\’ days for doctors. This would allow them tp have some family life.

  4. user
    Dr. Pawan Kr. Singh January 5, 2018, 10:07 am

    Dr.Pawan Kr. Singh ,, \”very sad . We \’ the Doctor community\’ work in very tensionised atmosphere , without gaining any reward , but blame-game always… RIP…

  5. There are still many passionate and dedicated doctors despite all odds but it’s true that most of them do not have time for themselves because of their huge work load. May her soul rest in peace# great service to humanity. Govt should learn this empathy from us too