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Doctor convicted for 1 year for asking bribe for Surgery

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Doctor convicted for 1 year for asking bribe for Surgery

A senior specialist working with the MG hospital, Chikkamagalur has been convicted by the Karnataka High Court in a bribery case.

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  1. Such a shame that DOCTORS have become such an easy target in this country. I am sure there is something more to it than this. The relative should be held equally responsible for agreeing to pay Rs 500 in the first place. What if the doctor was being trapped to get even with him? Were there other complaints too of similar nature against him? Imagine the judiciary ( which is the most corrupt body in this country) slapping such a harsh punishment for something so small.

  2. Marvelous! A DOCTOR took bribe for SURGERY….Great!!
    He deserves double punishment because instead of serving to his patients while doing a noble kind of job he tried to destroy his character, nobility of his profession and dignity of his reputed community where only those people provide services who have highest respected & reputed prefix \”Dr.\” before their name……what do you think fellows?

  3. user
    Dr B S Kakkilaya February 1, 2017, 11:22 pm

    The proverb says,\”AANE KADDARU KALLA,
    ADIKE KADDARU KALLA\”.In short,it is not what you have stolen that matters but it is the act of stealing that counts..
    A Govt Doctor is paid a fairly decent salary and other perks for the services.So he is not expected to accept anything else,either in cash or in kind for his services as a Govt Servant.So wheather he accepts Rs 5/- or 50,000/-from a patient for the same service in the Hospital,it\’s a crime.Once into the Govt Service,one has to abide by the service rules,wheather one likes it or not.Anyway,since a Govt Doctor is also permitted to have Private Practice,after working hours,he is under obligation to adhere to Service Rules.Losing ones Name,Fame,Family,RelativesandPrestige for the sake of an extra,illegal money is not worth it at all !! IF ONE IS NOT HAPPY WITH THE SERVICE CONDITIONS, & EMOLUMENTS,YOU ARE FREE TO WALK OUT,INSTEAD OF RISKING EVERYTHING FOR A FEW MORE RUPEES.
    Hope I am right !

  4. A bribe is something which 2 parties mutually consent for bypassing a system. When it is forced upon the giver, it is extortion. Just because it is only 1000 rupees, it does not become a smaller crime. The government doctor is paid a salary and he has to sincerely work within that salary. Corruption in all forms needs to be curtailed.

  5. Very Horrible. Every day in RTO and Subregestrar offices in Bangalore and other places dwindling the public with lakhs of rupees. No one has got caught till now. It all runs through the agents. Only Doctors are exposed badly to public by media. Sorry state of affairs.

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