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Doctor pays Rs 4 Lakh toll fee instead of Rs 40

Doctor pays Rs 4 Lakh toll fee instead of Rs 40

MANGALURU: A doctor is reported to have paid Rs. 4 lakh as a toll fee instead of Rs. 40. The incident took place when a toll attendant swiped the doctor’s debit card to charge toll fee Rs. 40 at Gundmi toll gate on the Kochi-Mumbai National Highway near Udupi  but by mistakenly charged Rs. 4 lakh.

Dr Rao was travelling in his chauffeur-driven car to Mumbai via the coast. Around 10.30 pm, he gave his debit card to pay the Rs 40 toll fee. The attendant, after swiping the card, gave the POS receipt and and toll receipt to the doctor.

Soon after the doctor received a text massage that Rs 4 lakh had been debited from his account. He immediately rushed back to the toll staff and told them about the Rs 4 Lakh deduction but the staff refused to acknowledge their mistake.

After his two hour constant effort  he reached to the police station KOTA where he lodge a complaint against the said incident. The kota police station incharge inturn  sent a constable with Dr  Roy to the Gundmi toll gate.

Finally, the toll booth personnel acknowledged the problem and admitted their mistake. The toll personnel offered to reimburse the excess amount by cheque but the doctor insisted he wanted the entire amount in cash. Then the toll personnel contacted  senior officials of the collection company and made arrangements to pay the Rs 3,99,960 in cash, reported TOI

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    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 18, 2017, 5:46 pm

    What about time he lost and mental agony gone through . The amount petrol He burnt etc. The Doctor should be allowed Lodge law suit in his home town to claim the damages. The tool both should fined for the mistake . Swiping 4000000 for 40 can\’t be considered as a mistake. Frequent stops at every 40 to 50 kms distance is more of a nuisance with criminal waste money and long Queues with unnecessary BURING of Foreign currency ( Fuel :::U S $ ). And polluting environment. It is more than 15 YEARS of Toll collection, still we are following age old methods of Toll collection. Start the electronic sensors and save time and money , protect the mother earth from noxious gases . I think we are losing more 10 CORES every day because of the long Queues at the Tollbooths and signals. WITH the same money we can add up another 300 kms of Express way ANNUALLY. And also prevent the Frequent Fights at the Tolls Toll boths. From voilaters The Government can recover huge amount money as penalties. From which they can add on another 300 to 600 Kms ANNUALLY. It is like Teaching and tameing the crooks ( voilaters) Then the form Gaming ( play) The only people stop giving example of Singapore and Dubai etc. More than 1 CRORE in INDIA have expensive cars, but when it comes paying Taxes , only 2500000 ( 1/4 ). Comes under 30% Bracket. What a shame ? ? ? . One more suggestion the Road should be based on the size / price of car. At present they are charging same amount of money even for Marathi 800 and BMW 8 series costing more than 2 cross. Wake up India ….. wake up . Nahitho Ek Garib maa ka beta aur Garib Banega. Our Netha ka beta Lumbarguni ( lambaa gaadi). Me freek out karega aur kisi ko tokhkar , kisi Garib Driver ka Nam Dhedeyegha. Aur Bhadha Vakil oose Bchaleyeya. Such sad and tragic stories should End . This story Dedicated to the Poor police constable Mr PATIL,who died with misersy for being Honest. I REQUEST all the Good Human beings of our country to help his children and wife . I also request the electronic Media to come out with the story of the poor police Mr PATIL who lost his Job for being Honest and ultimately Died as an ORPHAN.