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Doctor to pay Rs 5 lakh to Lawyer for not getting MRI done

Doctor to pay Rs 5 lakh to Lawyer for not getting MRI done
New Delhi: Through a recent judgement of the District Consumer Forum in the Capital, a medical practitioner in Delhi has been told to pay a compensation of Rs 5 lakh to a female lawyer on account of medical negligence, deficiency in service as well as unfair trade practice.
The case is that of a female lawyer who went to consult the doctor with complaints of severe back pain in the year 2007. To treat her pain, the doctor put her under traction, but despite this her pain did not subside. When the complaint of pain still persisted, after a month, she went to another hospital. An MRI at the said hospital showed that she was suffering from Bone Tuberculosis. With the said disease, the woman remained bed-ridden for the next two years, and filed a complaint against the doctor, blaming him for wrong diagnosis.
The doctor defended himself stating the allegations were baseless, reports TOI.  The matter was then referred to RML Hospital for expert opinion. The opinion from the hospital stated
“A radiological examination could have been done if the patient didn’t get relief in a month”
After going through the submissions and taking the expert opinion into account the forum held the doctor guilty stating,”..An MRI test was required. Therefore, the doctor has committed medical negligence”.
Further observing that the female lawyer suffered mentally, physically and financially, the bench comprising of forum president R S Bangri and member Puneet Lamba slapped a compensation of Rs 5 lakhs on the doctor

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  1. Highly stupid decision of the district forum.
    Low. Back ache is never treated with x ray and mri.

    MRI is never contemplated in every case of low back ache.
    Patients want to have everything nowadays. They don\’t want to spend a penny and want complete treatment in opd only.
    As per the history the patient did not go back to the same doctor after \’s month so how could the doctor advise it.

    Doctors are being made scapegoat \’s. And what is more heartbreaking is that doctors from the same fraternity are absolving to vested interests and professional rivalry rather than helping co doctors.

  2. It\’s a case of error in judgment.. medical negligence dose not fit in…

  3. For a disese which is not progressive or self limiting or with high prevalance of psychological factors and socio economic status ( here lawyer), i feel 3 months of observation wait and see policy may be advised than opting for invasive diagnostic procedures. He might have sued dr. If he recomends mri, complete blood analysis and physical restrain/support was prescribed in first visit. Diagnosis can go wrong for anyone, so finding court option is very bad..

  4. user
    dr.Thejo krishna July 21, 2017, 8:02 am

    incomplete story given here. After the period of one month failed symptomatic relief ? or progressive symptoms? even after consulting the doctor again for his advice, if the doctor does not react, then he may be accountable. without proper followup of the case, it is not good to blame the doctor.