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Doctors to go on Strike In New Delhi

Resident doctors in Delhi threaten to go off-duty from June 22

Resident doctors in Delhi threaten to go off-duty from June 22
The state and centre run hospitals suffers from continuous infrastructure and security menace
Delhi is not just plagued by the continuous problem of unsustainable hygiene conditions, leading to an epidemic condition of sorts. Going by the recent statement of the Federation of Resident Doctors Association of Delhi (FORDA), the situation is more alarming in the state and centre run hospitals. What they clearly imply is the lack of will of the Delhi government in taking serious cognizance of the infrastructure, and security ‘status quo’ in these hospitals. Hence, this attention-deficit disorder has resulted in the call of a strike from June 22 by the resident doctors.
In the direct affect of the recently staged drama by the safai karamcharis in east Delhi, the doctors in the corporation-run hospitals in north Delhi seem to follow the footsteps. These doctors have claimed their salaries are not being disbursed in time. Besides there are many operational set up concerns, with scarcity of medicines leaving the patients unhappy, and doctors suffering the wrath of such patients. In extreme cases, few hospital staff has been physically assaulted by relatives of patients due to lack of security. Dr.Pankaj Solanki, President of FORDA has said that at Ambedkar Nagar Hospital in Rohini, where he works, atleast three FIRs have been filed for assault on doctors in three months.
Many of the commonly prescribed medicines, for example Albendazole, Norflox and paraceutmal syrup are either in short supply or not available at some state run hospitals, some doctors have been quoted saying in the media recently. However, what needs to be seen now is that the uncalled action by the state-run hospital staff of posing an off duty stance, is really the best solution to the problem. Will millions suffering at the hands of the disgruntled staff, seek to provide an immediate remedy to the problem, or in turn lead to multiplication of patients frustration further being tested during this brief period (hopefully).

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