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Editorial Policy

Minerva Medical Treatment  Pvt Ltd( “Minerva” or “we”) which operates and its subdomains (hereafter collectively called Medical Dialogues) is committed to provide its readers with updated, accurate, verified medical ,health news, and information  through the medium of its content. Our content including news articles, opinions, blogs, interviews is created and/or edited by our expert team, that includes doctors, healthcare researchers and scientific writers, who review all medical information to keep them in line with the latest evidence-based medical information and accepted health guidelines by established medical organisations of the world.

Our ongoing endeavor at Medical Dialogues is to ensure that our content meets the highest journalistic/editorial standards, focusing on fairness, accuracy, independence, transparency, and objectivity. Medical Dialogues’ editorial content, including news, features, and reference, is developed independently of the advertising and promotional content available on any of the websites, all of which is clearly labeled as such in accordance with our advertising policy and editorial policy for sponsored content.

News and featured articles:

The content created by Medical Dialogues team is designed to provided timely, unbiased, accurate and relevant medical news to the medical fraternity. The information we post is a result of our journalists’/writer’s/reporter’s/editor’s endeavour in understanding  and unbiasedly reporting the happenings of healthcare industry in India, or medical news coming out of leading journals and medical conferences across the world.  We rely on peer-reviewed medical journals and highly respected health organizations and institutions from india (such as Indian Medical Association,Indian Radiological and Imaging Association) and abroad (JAMA,AMA,AHA,JAHA,BMJ)  as primary sources of information.

Our editors are not provided information about advertisers or commercial supporters of the information they review. Original content contains writer bylines. Members of the editorial team are charged with reporting any conflicts of interest in each story that they are assigned. If a conflict occurs the story will be reassigned to a different reporter, writer and/or editor.

 Medical News Process:

The medical news segment is crafted with precision by a dedicated team of medical journalists, scientific writers, doctors, scientists, and medical professionals. This team focuses on reporting the latest advancements, research findings, and significant developments in the field of medicine.

The sources for medical news are rigorously selected, relying on verified journals, hospitals, medical colleges, and medical associations involved in medical research and modern medicine practice to ensure that the information is credible, relevant, and contributes to the medical community's body of knowledge. Each piece of medical news, including fact checks, are subjected to a thorough review by our editorial board, comprising of distinguished doctors, to guarantee its accuracy and reliability before publication. Every medical news has to go through a doctor’s review before getting published.

Health News Process:

Health news which encompasses the latest happenings in the healthcare sector and has no medical science element. This content is produced by a network of experienced health journalists who utilize their extensive connections across the country to bring forth health news updates that are relevant to the daily lives of our readers.

The focus here is on accessibility and applicability, ensuring that health news is understandable and actionable for all the stakeholders of healthcare. While the sources for health news are diverse, the commitment to accuracy remains unwavering, with each piece being carefully edited by our seasoned editors to ensure it meets our high standards of clarity and reliability.

User Generated content:

At Medical Dialogues, we do take contributions from leading healthcare professionals across the country, who may/may not be members of medical dialogues- in the form of blogs and/or opinions.  However, any external content/contribution published on Medical Dialogues is first reviewed by our editorial team Our editors review all content prior to publication to ensure adherence to scientific accuracy, our editorial standards , including disclosure of any relevant financial relationships of expert contributors.

Medical Dialogues editorial team reserves the sole right to decide what external contribution is going to be published on the website and further we reserve the right to remove posts at our sole discretion.

Medical Dialogues does welcome comments on various stories, however, reserve the right to delete comments and even posts  we deem offensive, inaccurate or misleading, as well as those that do not comply with our Terms of Service. If a member posts something misleading or inaccurate, we'll make our best efforts to identify and delete it, but readers should be aware that user-generated comment is NOT independently verified nor subject to our editorial review process.

Sponsored Content:

Medical Dialogues does take sponsored content from various relevant organizations and companies wanting to reach out to the medical and healthcare fraternity in India. The sponsored content is posted as per the advertising policy of Medical Dialogues and is clearly identifiable by the readers by the mention of the word “Sponsored Post” in the source section of each article.

"Sponsored Content" on Medical Dialogues  is content that has been created by, provided by, or influenced by the named sponsor. The Sponsor is responsible for the accuracy and objectivity of Sponsored Content. We do take meaningful steps to help ensure that you do  not confuse Sponsored Content (content that is influenced by the named sponsor) with content that is original to Medical Dialogues or content developed by the Medical Dialogues team editorial team or even the normal user generated content .

Editorial Independence and Integrity:

Despite the differences in their processes, both medical and health news share a common foundation of editorial independence and a commitment to unbiased reporting. The affiliations of our writers and editors do not impact the quality of our content, maintaining our commitment to delivering accurate and unbiased information.

Downloading content:

Our website is designed to facilitate access to a wide array of resources without hosting files for direct download. Instead, we offer external links to relevant content and, in certain cases, upload files to a designated Google Drive. This method allows us to share valuable information and resources with our users efficiently while ensuring secure and accessible distribution.

Taking screenshots, downloading, copying, or reproducing any content from Medical Dialogues even in the form of small snippets without explicit permission is strictly prohibited, ensuring the protection of our intellectual property and the exclusivity of the information we provide.