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Fate of 150 MBBS Students Uncertain, SC asks MCI for Solution

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Fate of 150 MBBS Students Uncertain, SC asks MCI for Solution

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has taken a serious note of 150 medical students in Bhopal being left in the lurch after permission of a college for admission in the academic session 2017-18 was denied by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

The top court has asked the MCI to suggest a solution to thwart the crisis and place on record the details of vacant seats in Madhya Pradesh and adjoining states for the academic session 2017-18.

A vacation bench of justices U U Lalit and Deepak Gupta expressed concern of the situation and wondered as what should be the approach to deal with the matter where the students were allocated seat by the central counselling agency to a particular college, which had later run into difficulties.

“It is not as if the admissions in question were not in fair and transparent manner. On the other hand, the state authorities sent or directed the students to this college. Can the students be now left in the lurch,” the bench asked.

During the hearing, advocate Arjun Garg, appearing for the Madhya Pradesh government, said not a single seat was available in any of the medical colleges in the state for the academic session 2017-18.

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The bench asked Garg on whose instructions he has been making such a statement and warned that if at a later stage, the submission was found to be wrong, it would haul up the official concerned.

Garg said he has instructions from the additional chief secretary for medical education in the state and named the official as R S Julani.

“The correctness of that statement will certainly be considered but at this stage it must be stated that the status report on record filed on behalf of the state of Madhya Pradesh on May 2, 2018, does not indicate the stand which is now projected on behalf of the state of Madhya Pradesh,” it said.

It said that the MCI should place its view on the matter and suggest a solution if any.

“We also direct the MCI to place before us the details as to vacant seats available in colleges in the state of Madhya Pradesh and adjoining states for the academic session 2017-2018. The MCI shall file an appropriate affidavit within two weeks giving complete details of vacancy situation as indicated above,” the bench said.

It listed the matter immediately on reopening before the appropriate bench and sought the response from Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS).

The top court was hearing a matter related to RKDF Medical College Hospital and Research Centre which was initially accorded approval by the MCI and the Centre to take admissions for MBBS course for academic session 2014-15.

However, after the inspection was undertaken by the MCI for the next academic session (2015-2016), no renewal permission was granted and the college was debarred from making any admissions.

The college again was allowed to admit students for academic session 2016-17 but denied permission for academic session 2017-18.

However, through an interim order, the apex court granted permission to take admission of 150 students for academic session 2017-18.

The entire batch of 150 students was admitted and all admissions were made pursuant to the allocations of seats made by the state authorities through the central counselling agency.

“The facts on record indicate that the renewal permission for the academic session 2017-2018 was finally not granted, which has, therefore, left the question to be considered as to the status and the rights of those students who were admitted pursuant to the interim order and who were allocated by the central counselling agency,” the bench said.

The top court said that one of the terms of essentiality certificate under which a college is allowed to be set up and make admissions is that in case the college runs into any difficulty, the state shall take care of those students who were admitted in such college.

The bench said that the top court had expressed its concern over the fate of students through its interim order passed from time to time and said that the students in question must be accommodated in other colleges firstly in Madhya Pradesh and if not, then in the adjoining states.

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Source: PTI
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  1. Medical education in any country cannot depend only on ill fated patients anymore unless all hospitals are attached to one or the other medical college. If society at large wants quality care, all patients must ensure that medical students learn from them. Doctors cannot be created out of genie\’s vase.

  2. user
    Dr Gowrinath K June 19, 2018, 2:16 pm

    When MCI inspector gives positive report about the facilities and the faculty position in a particular medical college, permission is granted to admit certain number candidates in that year.Now what is surprising is that why the facilities and staff position became inadequate next year?. Does it mean that the particular MCI inspector gave wrong report and the next year MCI inspector properly inspected and gave negative report. Until few years back, it was alleged and proved in selected cases that the equipment was borrowed from other colleges or surgical stores by the college management and shown to the MCI inspector as their own and later removed after the inspection is over.There is no need to mention again that private practitioners with PG qualification doing private practice or running hospitals are being shown as regular teaching faculty without any fear by producine fake experience and promotion certificates to the MCI inspector. But who has to verify the genuiness of these cerficates on regular basis?. MCI seem to act only in selected cases of complaints.One of my friends was shown as associate professor during MCI inspection by a private medical college management by creating false 5 year experience certificate as assistant professor on the letter head of another private medical college. Later this information was found false by the CBI and his registration was suspended by the MCI. Even today private practitioners continue to enjoy the status of professor/associate professors etc without teaching or working in a selected medical colleges and conducting practical examinations and acting as guides to PG dissertations without actually doing any guidance. The central health ministry has not done anything to bring an act to punish the managements of private medical colleges or the fake teaching medical faculty till date. Now the new tread of putting the thumb impression in the morning and evening hours has started for the convenience of private medical practitioners as the thumb impressions are linked to aadhar card. Unless severe punishment is there, these type of fraud will continue to happen and ultimately the students will suffer. The state and central governments should act on these issues. Poorly trained medical degree holders are sources of potential threat to the unsuspecting patients.

  3. user
    Dr.Praveenlal Kuttichira June 19, 2018, 11:57 am

    From the information provided, it is not MCI or Government responsible in the present issue. MCI after assessment denied permission. It was an interim order by Hon.Court, that admission process continued. What was the ground for that order, who made pray for that, what was the position taken by MCI, State Government and Counseling authority in the Court in this case etc are crucial. Those were official stands or some officials\’ personal stands only? That will bring out the responsible interests who are staying behind.
    Using innocent students as shield for escape from crime is not uncommon. Is it another example? A lot need no be examined. Perhaps the Hon.Apex will go into all these and do Justice.

  4. The students have nothing to do with MCI inspection etc and hence should not suffer for no fault of theirs.

  5. In general in our Nation, while MCI makes inspection visit to Medical University or Colleges the college Management makes fake Doctors hired from outside or other colleges or practicing Doctors to meet requirement criteria. Even fake patients brought paying money as done by Indian political parties to show strength (i.e Tamilnadu) as if patient flow is there n instruments n other facilities also. Everything n arrangements are fake in most of the institutions. NO should do regular n suddent inspection to various institutions to ensure its genuineness n if there are deviation it should fine big amount n imprisonment for the Heads of the institutions. Retired n interested volunteers should be given training in inspection subjects n methods n their services should be utilised during the inspection. It should be transparent n choreographed
    Same time inspecting authorities should keep in mind they r doing only inspection service not making towards threatening institution heads as if they Masters!! Doing it for our people n our nation to to ensure quality education n honest service n reports!!!

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