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Final year PG Anesthesia takes Anesthesia Overdose, Father accuses Medical College for Harassment

Final year PG Anesthesia takes Anesthesia Overdose, Father accuses Medical College for Harassment

Indore: By injecting herself with a heavy dose of anaesthesia through intra-cath, a postgraduate student of a city-based private medical college allegedly committed suicide. The father of the deceased has accused the college management of the death.

“Dr Smriti Laharpure (32), a resident of Bhopal, was found dead in her hostel room at Index Medical College and it appears that she injected herself with the anaesthetic at around 1:30 am,” Khudail Police Station in charge Hakam Singh Pawar informed PTI. She was a student of PG Anaesthesia at the college.

Pawar said that a suicide note had been recovered and based on certain clues; a close friend of the deceased was being questioned.

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According to Dainik Bhasker report, the deceased was on duty till 6 pm. After duty, she went to her hostel room with intra-catheters and chatted with someone over the phone. She placed the suicide note’s diary with the list of lab items in the closet of a fellow doctor, who after finding the same reached to her room and called the police and her relatives.

A 12-page suicide note has been written in 3 to four days by the deceased, as per a police statement.

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The college management had given her the notice to deposit the fees amounting to around 9.9 lakh, and her father alleged that due to this only she had been feeling pressurized and was forced to take this step.

Dr Smriti had united many of the students and filed a case in the high court regarding the affiliation of the college, the father informed. Her father further alleged that the college management has been harassing her since the decision came in favour of the students.

On the court’s direction, the college has to pay the fees and other facilities to the students.

Furthermore, her co-workers told the police that some of the college associates used to harass her and she also had a dispute over the fee increase lately.

Responding to the swirl of allegations, RC Yadav, the administrative officer of the college, denied any role of the college management in Dr Smriti’s suicide. The doctor who found the suicide note in his closet had hidden it there in the first place, Yadav claimed while speaking to Dainik Bhasker.

The body had been sent for post-mortem and further investigations were underway, Pawar added.


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  1. jor se bolo mera bharat mahan! what else can you expect in this corrupt banana republic.

  2. This is the bitter truth of 99% of private medical colleges of India, they just suck in your money all they can & make you work not for the patients but for their own fake fictional works like fake case sheets, fake reports in order to project themselves with good census of data, fuckers, don\’t even pay you your own stipend, coz they will suck that too, and upon that these MCI is the biggest bullshit makers out there coz they take in bribe from such private institutions & keep their mouth closed looked with money & never ever honestly scrutinise such issues, fucking politicians are to be blamed too, fuckers just increase the no. Of private medical colleges rather than increasing colleges in government sectors coz they also want to loot the public in the name of institution & education !

  3. Poor girl from where will she get 10 lakes.I myself has no difficulty paying any amount but I always understand the pain ANF turmoil when one just can\’t make it.

  4. to the People cursing education system, let the facts come out before passing judgement

  5. Dude, you will soon get a pdf of that girl\’s suicide note in WhatsApp it\’s already circulating out there, fucking education system lacks the education the most !

  6. Sorry state of scenario in education.

  7. Sad and angery against the harassment by management

  8. Painful harassment she must have been through.
    Sad to loose a anaesthetic.