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Firangi Quack: Fake Indian Doctor in Australia Discovered after 11 years of practice

Firangi Quack: Fake Indian Doctor in Australia Discovered after 11 years of practice

Australian authorities have been left baffled after the discovery that a fake impostor had been practicing as a medical practitioner in the country for the past 11 years. The man has been now identified as Shyam Acharya, who was working or NSW Health  as a junior doctor from 2003 to May 2014 at hospitals in Manly, Wyong, Hornsby and Gosford.

Telegaph reports that Impostor foreign doctor Shyam Acharya faked his way into Australia on a stolen identity and treated patients in the state’s hospitals and emergency departments for more than 10 years.Australian authorities further informed the media that Shyam Acharya had stolen the identity of an Indian Doctor to get the employment in NSW Public Health.  His case was mentioned at Downing Centre Local Court in Sydney. The country has been shocked with the scandal, even more so thinking how the impostor managed to get passed border protection, and even practice as a doctor in the country for 11 years. He had been even awarded citizenship of the country, reports BBC

It was in November 2016, when the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency began investigating him for “falsely holding himself out as a registered medical practitioner”. NSW Health was notified shortly afterwards and launched its own investigation, deputy secretary Karen Crawshaw stated.

Ms Crawshaw further said, “It is alleged in these proceedings that Mr Acharya appropriated another doctor’s name and medical qualifications while living in India and that he used these stolen and other fraudulent documents to gain registration falsely with the Medical Board of NSW.”

“The matters currently before the court do not deal with how he was able to enter and leave Australia or how he obtained Australian citizenship in the name of the other doctor.”

He has been charged under section 116 of the Health Practitioner National Regulation Law (NSW), which makes it an offence to use a title that could make others believe you are a registered medical professional. Mr Crawshaw said, if he convicted against the said charges he would have to faces a fine of up to $30,000.

Speaking with Telegraph, Mr Crawshaw said, “It is noted that Mr Acharya’s involvement was only as one of a number in the clinical team that treated the patient. NSW Health has notified solicitors acting for the patient.”

“The Medical Council of NSW and the Health Care Complaints Commission have advised they have received no complaints about Mr Acharya.”

Authorities have been unable to find or contact Mr Acharya, saying his current whereabouts are unknown.


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  1. surprised & shocked!….thank GOD he has not killed any patient!

  2. They found one and are aghast . Here at home they outnumber us…?

  3. Poor Shyam Acharya,when he was so clever to survive in Australia for 11 years ,,,should have stayed back in India and had flourished.We have rules for educated and trained but no rules for QUACKS…..
    They treat and operate freely without any accountability
    Dr Raza
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  4. What about our country?

  5. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan March 9, 2017, 5:10 pm

    What about thousands of people PRACTICING medicine in our own country? There are two types of QUACKS , the one\’s who practice/ project as a Doctor . And the second holding degrees but with out required knowledge and skills ( getting degrees by one or the other means) And The third categery self declared super specialists calling them selves as cardiologist, Diabetiologist so on so Forth………it\’s better we worry about such ILLTRAINED Doctors with in the country instead of commenting on some one from Australia. Why can\’t the Australians have their own DOCTORS ? . We our self are not have the Talented Doctors, the good either runaway to the west , Gulf or work for the corporate Hospitals , DESPITE getting free GOVERNMENT seats and learning clinical skills at the COST of the poor patients. When it comes helping the same poor patients they come out hundred ten excuses. The Government SPENDS more than a CRORE RUPEES in making of a MBBS DOCTOR. Unfortunately public is UNAWARE of such things. Every Doctor PASSING out from the Government cuota / seat should be compulsorily made to work at least for 6 YEARS. For the Government. I am sure Majority of the Doctors hate my views.

  6. Unfortunately the government doesnt have jobs for the passed out doctors. Several of my colleagues left India after they found themselves without jobs. There are few jobs but even these are never filled to capacity. Add to that Reservation and you have total imbalance