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First: Medical Council to soon regulate hospitals, take action in Tamil Nadu

First: Medical Council to soon regulate hospitals, take action in Tamil Nadu

Chennai: In a First for any state medical council, the Tamil Nadu Medical Council is now in the process of generating minimum standard protocols to be followed by all the hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and labs and at the same time, empowering itself to take action against errant hospitals. The move comes in the wake of a High court direction that asked the council to increase its mandate and bring hospitals,nursing homes and clinics under its focus

TOI reports that with an aim to enforce quality standards on all hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and labs in the state, the Tamil Nadu Medical Council (TNMC) has been narrowing down a set of guidelines, minimum standards protocol to be followed by all the hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and labs. The council is also in the process of getting powers to take action against hospitals in case these guidelines are violated Till now the main mandate of the council has been to regulate the functioning of doctors, it will soon set up a committee in order to frame guidelines that will empower them to pull up hospitals too.

Dr K Senthil, president of TN Medical Council told TOI, “Meeting these standards will be mandatory”.

“If we receive a complaint about a hospital or a clinic from the public, not meeting these standards could be used against them,” he added.

Dr Senthil told the daily that the plan to bring hospitals under its regulation has been in the statutory body’s backburner for close to a decade but it was brought up after 2014 case before the Madras high court a  man had lodged a complaint of medical negligence against a corporate hospital in Chennai, for allegedly causing his father’s death, but the council had to set aside the complaint citing it had no power to act against hospitals.

“We can debar doctors as they are registered with us. Hospitals, we have no power. But we can provide assistance to authorities who have penalizing powers,” Senthil stated.

When the case reached trial, the Madras high court, in consultation with the Medical Council of India, directed the state council to frame guidelines that would empower them to act against hospitals.

As per the statement made by the members of the council, the guidelines will be ready by June.

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  1. user
    Dr M.Chandrashekhar March 19, 2018, 7:01 pm

    Do State Medical Councils or MCI have any power over Hospitals or Nursing Homes? I understand they can take action against individual errand Doctors & not on Institutions

  2. user
    Dr. B. K. Rana March 18, 2018, 3:02 pm

    Central Clinical Establishment Act 2010 yet to be adopted by several States. It covers both government and private facilities. Rules and minimum standards have been framed. TN can adopt as it is or modify and implement these minimum standards for an independent transparent system.

  3. user
    Dr Girdhar Gyani March 18, 2018, 2:01 pm

    Clinical Establishment Act enacted by Parliament regulates the hospitals. This act of course is to be adopted by state assembly to be effective in respective state. It therefore needs legal scrutiny if HC judgement can be above the legislative authority.

  4. user
    ETHICS NEW INDIA March 18, 2018, 12:49 am

    TNMC to be Scrapped , Because TNMC and Medical Council of India are protecting the deep rooted unethical doctors who were so far committed bribes, Commissions, from Pharmaceutical Companies, MRI centres as organised loots and cheated the Patients as overcharged in orthopedic and Heart Surgeries Medical devices and Implants. IVF Treatments\’ FSH injections
    Extra high profiteering of 400 % –1770%
    Within MRP as organised looted. Breach of Patients\’ trusts and Conspiracy against the Nation. Many evidences with complaints submitted to MCI, SMCs TNMC against the deep rooted unethical GHP chetpet +3700 doctors. But ill-gotten and Corrupted Money power with scams tainted Politicians influences are playing and Injustices are continuing.Neef National Medical Commission and CBI probe on TNMC ,MCI\’s past inactions and shielded the deep rooted unethical doctors – CBI probe under the monitoring of Supreme Court is need for Patients\’ Welfares and looted money
    RS. 5,29.000 Crores to be refunded to all the Victimized Patients before June 2018
    Hon,\’ble PM + Hon\’ble CJI of Supreme Court to take Suo Motto PIL legal actions on MCI + TNMC \’s inactions on habitually deep rooted unethical Dr.GHP + 3700 doctors in that last 15 years and MCI + TNMC why acted against the Patients\’ interests.

  5. Future will tell the result……………….