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Govt to Fix Rates of Private Hospitals in Karnataka, Tables bill

Govt to Fix Rates of Private Hospitals in Karnataka, Tables bill

Bengaluru: A bill aimed at empowering the state government to fix the rates for each class of treatment to be collected by private medical establishments was tabled in the Karnataka legislative assembly.

It also gives powers to the government to impose penalty up to Rs five lakh or imprisonment up to three years, on collecting more money as charges than the fixed rates.

The Karnataka Private Medical Establishments (Amendment) Bill – 2017, to further amend Karnataka Private Medical Establishments Act – 2007 (Karnataka Act 21 of 2007) was tabled by Health and Family Welfare Minister Ramesh Kumar.

The bill empowers the government to fix the rates or charges for each class of treatment to be collected by the private medical establishments and to notify different rates for different class of private medical establishments on the recommendations of the expert committee.

The bill in its statement of objects and reasons states that if private medical establishments collect more charges than fixed by the state government, penalty of not less than Rs 25,000 which may extend up to Rs 5 lakh can be imposed.

Imprisonment of not less than six months which may be extended up to three years has also been provided for in the bill, in case of violation.

The bill intends to constitute the district or metropolitan grievances redressal committee for redressal of grievances of patients.

While suggesting the reconstitution of the Registration Authority at district level, it also specifies patient’s charter and private medical establishment’s charter in the schedule to the act.

The bill that enhances certain penalties leviable under relevant sections of act, stipulates not to demand any due amount at the time of handing over of the dead body to the concerned person, but to collect later.

The Karnataka State Civil Services (Regulation of Transfer of Medical Officers and Other Staff) (Amendment) Bill, 2017 was also tabled in the assembly today.

The bill in its statement of objective and reasons states that there are more number of officers and staff who have completed ten years of service in a same place, and in order to transfer them in public interest it is considered necessary to increase the 5 per cent of transfer of medical officers and others to 15 per cent by amending certain sections of 2011 act.

Source: PTI
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  1. Please go ahead with the act. Let there be disruption. Doctors, hospitals, patients will suffer,. Doctors will lose interest in practice, will giveore time to earning from other sources. No new doctors hospitals will come up. Medical care will gradually collapse. Intelligence doctors will leave to other states or countries. Then this government will fall. No other government ever will yen dare to touch medical profession.

  2. First of all government must categorise pvt hospitals according to quality of service provided/skilled manpower/expertise /outcome of treatment etc like A ,B,C like that.then gov can fix rates accordingly.

  3. user
    Narayan Rao Damera November 2, 2017, 11:51 am

    Let the Government fix rates for advocates, architects and auditors before touching doctors.
    Let the Government fix prices of cars, ACs, or any other manufactured goods.
    Let Government fix hotel room tariffs before fixing charges of medical treatment.
    Doctors allover the country should condemn this totally autocratic stance of the Government.

  4. user
    Dr. Dharmendra Kumar June 20, 2017, 8:15 am

    There should not be any differentiation between Govt and Private. What is Important is to provide medicare to people either by Govt source or Private source or Charity. If govt fails to do so of then all roads are open to out source govt buildings engaged in providing Medicare to agencies willing to do so by appointing their own man powers and Doctors. Govt is free to prescribe rates for all categories of treatments/ services provided to people right from out patient/ In patient/ Trivial/ Minor/ Major/Special surgery. It cane be done to all levels of health care i.e primary/secondary/ tertiary.

  5. Very good thought, it is really required & should be implemented in all states. There should be capping as Private Hospitals charges are very high which actually is not required. We do not say that they should not earn but at the same time it should be reasonable. one cannot charge as per their wish in the name of Privatization.

  6. user
    Narayan Rao Damera November 2, 2017, 12:10 pm

    Patients have the right to not go where they feel charges are high.
    Every hospital is transparent in their charges, so that the patients can go to a hospital they can afford.
    Otherwise, they can go to a government hospital where they are treated free.
    But controlling medical services by way of legislation is to be condemned.