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Focus on Image Based Questions, while preparing for PG Exams: Dr Nachiket Bhatia, CEO, DBMCI

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Focus on Image Based Questions, while preparing for PG Exams: Dr Nachiket Bhatia, CEO, DBMCI

We understand NEET PG preparation is a tough task. Also apart from the preparation, one needs a strong presence of mind on the day of the exam. Strategy has to be designed for both initial and last moment preparation in order to crack the PG Exams.

Medical Dialogues team, interviewed Dr Nachiket Bhatia, CEO, Dr Bhatia Medical Coaching Institute (DBMCI), the oldest and most renowned medical coaching institute in the country, asking him about the recent changes to medical preparation and role that DBMCI plays in enabling students achieve their dream course

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Q)  You been one of the most Premier Institute and providing such knowledge based on the subjects. This year NEET/AIIMS exams have seen lots of changes; can you throw some light on the same?What are the changes that were seen in NEET?

First & most basic change that I found is the increasing trend in the number of images questions these days. The last NEET had a certain amount of questions but this AIIMS May 2017 had 73 questions out of 200 that were pure images making 40% of the exam is on totally image based.

Q) How do you suggest, the students should be preparing for this?

With  the increase in the trends of image based questions, the students has to take his mind off the theoretical questions and put more focus on the images. You know the fact about images, you save a certain amount of time. Every time you have an image based questions and the answer, because when you see an image either you know the answer or either you do not know it. You do not have to put some concept you do not have to formulate an answer. You see the answer click in your mind and you click right answer and you move on, you see the image you do not know the answer and you move on. On every question you are saving at least a minute that amount of time can actually be used to put some concepts in actual difficult questions. So that a very time saving atmosphere you have there. If you know the images, if you more familiar with the images you can actually do 40% image based question in a very short time, so that gives you more time to formulate and put concept in difficult questions.

Q) So according to you , you are saying that image based questions are actually turning out to be a bone for the students in the examination  because its saving them a lots of time.

Exactly, it’s saving them lots of time.

Q) With 40% questions now on image based, how should a student go about preparing?What should be the strategy?

See today, we  at DBMCI have actually seen the problem being encountered by the students and we are now finding a solution. Right now what we had made a solution in Dr Bhatia’s guidelines under the array of Dr Bhatia medical coaching institute faculties, we have formulated a product called The Champion Life Test Series. Now, this is a very special product where all you need to do is to go to a computer lab and give the tests. Why we came on this product is that when we saw and talked to people in NEET exam , the one who had gone up with the rank above 5000 in AIIMS who had gone up with the rank above 50, everyone was like sir, we were choked, we were very anxious in the exam . Some knew the answer but somehow marked the wrong answer. Some had actually given the test for the first time on the computer, so they were so anxious, so fearful that they could not have their mind work properly and that why we created a product CLTS – 13 exams on a computer with all India ranking, the same software that will be used in NEET exam and all the 13 exams given in a properly, orderly manner that will be totally exam based and for that one particular exam we have in that is image based test which will have all the 200 questions all images, pure images  so that after the 200 questions you will be so thorough with image based concept and knowledge that 14th exam that will be the actual NEET exam will be just like a exam of DBMCI. So, we are making you so particular with your exam that you will be so stress free that your mind will be working in a very efficient manner at the time of NEET.

Q) You have always being on managing at front of DBMCI since you joined this institute you have had a very close coordination in term of developing the new product that you get out on DBMCI in terms of providing much better much more efficient education to the students and preparing them better for NEET. how have you been able to evolve yourself both side of the coin?

Thank you for such kind of words ,but trust me on that it’s just Dr Bhatia guidance and the expertise of DBMCI faculties that we have actually manage to create something but if you ask about me I am a manager and you know the best part about being a manager that we do not have a peace of mind – we improvise and we learn on a daily basis- you give us a problem and our job is to create a solution we do not have peace at ideas we just learn and learn we have when we saw that people chocking in exam we created this product called CLTS. When we saw that 73 images come in AIIMS exam we created a product called VIBE. DBMCI VIBE is a very unique product it has image discussion of all the 19 subjects. No other institute has ever done that it- and even here it was done after we saw that in AIIMS exam,  an image from physiology subject coming. Now, Physiology is a very theoretical subject; know one can actually expect image out of that subject but a image came that’s why to prepare a students for the worst because in a NEET exam and AIIMS exam. This year I am expecting a lots of images- trust me on that and more than 40% that just a hunch;  anything can happen so to prepare a student for everything we created a this product DBMCI VIBE which have image discussion of all the 19 subjects then we conduct with the predict your NEET. Now this predicts your NEET – we actually predict some expected topics that can occur in the NEET exam and why we do that so that’s students who have lost focus in the last moment can actually locate their weak areas and locate their core areas. So they know what to focus on. Then we conduct with the image based test-now this image based test will be all to 200 questions. You study the images you see that topics that can probably come in the NEET and then give the test.

Q: Now days in the medical education preparation for the post graduate entrances  there is a dominance of the use of online test series by the students. What is your comment on that and how do you think that is helping in preparing students.

A: See when I talk to so many rankers after the AIIMS exam every ranker had a very common concept that okay , you need to give mock test to secure a rank. Tests are very important and there are so many place in market now days for the online test series but you need to trust a developed player

After all, the ultimate aim for all of us to pass an exam but if the questions are not worth it, the test series are wasting your time then all your preparation going to waste. So trust a develop player. Trust a trust-worthy player then only these test series will be worth it and of course the test series are actually  very important it is the only way you can actually have confidence, your fear level will go down only then you will test your pure knowledge that’s why give the test series as must as possible.


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