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FORDA delegates meet Parliamentary Standing Committee over NMC bill

FORDA delegates meet Parliamentary Standing Committee over NMC bill

New Delhi: Representatives of Federation of Resident Doctors’ Association (FORDA) submitted their recommendations regarding several provisions of the contentious National Medical Commission Bill, to the Parliamentary Standing Committee which is examining the proposed legislation.

The bill seeks to overhaul medical education, replace the Medical Council of India and also proposes allowing practitioners of alternative medicines, such as homoeopathy and Ayurveda, practise allopathy after completing a “bridge course”. The NMC bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha in December last year and later referred to the parliamentary panel, following protests by doctors across the country.

Representatives of FORDA, an association for the welfare of resident doctors across India, was invited by the parliamentary panel for their recommendations. FORDA president Dr Vivek Chouksey said, “It (the Bill) promotes bureaucratisation and politicisation of medical education and does not provide independence to the NMC.”

“Most of the members (of the proposed body) are nominated by the government and suggested by bureaucrats. The NMC Bill in the present form is not acceptable. It is anti-poor, anti-people, non-representative, undemocratic and anti-federal in character,” he said. In its memorandum, FORDA sought removal of provisions for granting permission to practitioners of alternative medicines practise modern medicine after clearing a bridge course and an exit or licentiate exam that all medical graduates will have to clear to practice.
The FORDA delegates put forth objection over the privatisation of medical education. They also sought strict implementation of duty hours as per the Supreme Court guidelines, a uniform stipend for interns nationwide, strengthening of infrastructure in government hospitals and medical colleges and timely appointment of teaching faculty and filling up vacant post.
Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that Answering point by point to the Health Ministry on its Clarifications in the form of FAQs on the issue of National Medical Commission Bill 2017, the Indian Medical Association has now released a point by point response to the said clarifications in the bill.

Source: PTI
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  1. It is good that \”FORDA\” has submitted its representation before the standing committee.It is quite obvious that the organisation needs to protect the self interest of its members.But it is unfortunate that it has not come out with an alternative solution for preventive healthcare & medical service to our huge population.If every organisation carry on protecting their own self interest who will take care of our huge population? Some NGOs are doing a commendable job.Successive govts have also initiated many encouraging steps.But health care has remained far from satisfactory & to provide preventive health care & treatment for six lakh & fifty thousand villages & urban areas is a gigantic task.India ranks first in the world in producing doctors but there is shortage of doctors every where.No one is ready to take any responsibility,but basic healthcare is a basic right of every citizen & govt is duty bound to provide basic health care to every one.Ultimately govt is only answerable to common men & govt has to formulate policies & programme.If every organisation comes with only their rights & forget their duties what will be the consequence?No doubt organisation will have to protect their self interest,but they must remember that they have a sacrosanct duty to their nation & mankind.NMC bill is a positive step & it can be made more transparent & viable.Yes,maximum number of experts should be there in the commission so that professionalism will be there.Again,here experts should not be only MBBS doctors.It must include nursing staff,dentists,paramedical staff &many others from medical field & than only it will be truly representative in character. f But the govt & parliament must have the veto power,parliament is ultimately answarable to people,not the members of the commission or any individual.The concern of allowing AYUSH for allopathy is good as allopathy medicines have severe side effect & many times fatal.But it is also true that most of the allopathy MBBS doctors are reluctant for rural postings & many state govts have appointed AYUSH doctors.Though AYUSH doctors practise their own strem,many times allopathic medicines & treatment become indispensable.Hence there is no harm in conducting a bridge course for AYUSH & allowing them to go for some basic allopathy medicines when is indispensable.As such,no one on this earth can stop any one from learning any thing.However,a clear cut demarcation must be there for AYUSH practitioners in allopathic medicines.The MBBS doctors should also not get frightened as AYUSH doctors can never be at par with MBBS in allopathy.Rather MBBS doctors will be free from rural postings & freely go for their career enhancement.Of course,govt can go for bridge courses for dentists,senior nurses & paramedical staff for allopathic treatment as all MBBS doctors will certainly welcome it.Dentists are as such doctors & do treatment in allopathy only.Nurses & paramedical staff acquire good knowledge & skill through experience they can be utilised as first hand doctors very well.This will help paramedical staff in their career progression leading to renewed motivation.Let all stake holders sit together & find out some constructive solutions.Let it be a win win situation.But,again,national interest & public interest can not be compromised for organisational interest.MBBS doctors need to understand the reality.They have to chalk out every thing in an amicable manner.Medical fraternity must understand that parliament is answerable to people of India & not any organisation.let good sense prevail.

  2. You say modren medicine has side effect and you want to practice the same . Thousands of years you practiced Ayush and what was the result zero. Not even one ☝️ disease you can manage scientifically. You copy from modren t b of medicine and say it is Ayush . Copy cats ?. State has responsibility to provide preventive medicine which scientific, not bunkam methods . All preventive methods are part of modren medicine . Ayush also practicing tantra mantra yantra taking India backward. It is unfortunate we have ignorant pple with lot of ignorance. Stop ✋ talking Ayush fellows practicing modren medicine you practice want you have learnt otherwise it is quackery