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Foreign Medical Graduate from Kazakhstan arrested for practicing with fake MCI, FMGE pass certificate

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Sangli: A 29-year old foreign medical graduate has been arrested by local police on account of submitting fake MCI registration certificate, an NBE mark sheet and FMGE screening test passing certificate to Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) and for practising on the basis pf the same.

The case concerned Dhiraj Ramchandra Patil, from Sangli who completed his MD in Medicine from International Higher School of Medicine, the International University of Kyrgyzstan in 2012.

As per the MCI norms, there is an entrance examination, Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE or MCI screening exam) is an examination mandatory for all Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) in order to be able to practice in India. This is conducted by the National Board of Examinations twice a year and only upon clearing this exam can medical graduates from foreign universities practice in India

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Now in the year 2014, Patil submitted an MCI registration certificate, an NBE mark sheet and screening test pass certificate of 2012 to Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) and based on these documents he was issued an MMC license number which allowed him to practice in the state

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However, the man came under the scanner in 2016 when it was found that another doctor in the state was registered under the same MCI registration number. The State Medical Council, then, communicated with the MCI and NBE.

After the investigation, the Maharashtra Medical Council came to know from the MCI that the permanent registration number that was mentioned in the MCI certificate submitted by Patil was actually issued one Dr Magar, reports Asian Age. Other certificates  including his FMGE test results were also found to be forged

The authenticity of the NBE certificate was questioned as well when it was discovered that two members were having the same roll number.

The President of the Maharashtra Medical Council, Dr Shivkumar Utture told the Mumbai Mirror, “We received two members’ applications with the same NBE roll number. So, we wrote to the NBE. Both the NBE and the MCI confirmed that the certificates submitted by Dhiraj were bogus.”

The Maharashtra Medical Council then registered an FIR in the Agripada police station.

With the “doctor” being on the run since then, the local police finally arrested him now after a period of three years. In this case, Dhiraj had applied for an anticipatory bail in the local court and the high court in Sangli, which the court had dismissed.




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  1. user

    Though I am not defending the arrest made,But I would like to know how many jhola-chaap doctors have been arrested ?It is well in the knowledge of us and the Governments that lakhman of jhola-chaaps are operating all over India,by fully displaying their clinics name & self proclaimed haemorrhoids, piles, epilepsy and other disease specialists.
    The Bengoli jhola-chaaps known as Bengoli doctors as synonymous can be seen practicing Allopathy in every nook and corner of the country. Even in the heart of Delhi and other metropolis, what to talk of tier 2 or tier 3 cities.Now they are not village based.They all practice in urban localities openly in the fullesthe knowledge of every one.
    Why don\’t the Government cracks whip on them.Possibly vote bank politics, comes into play.
    It\’s very same on the part of the Government, not to act against jhola-chaap doctors,even after having clear directionow from the Hon\’ble SC and HC in this regard.
    Have a policy for foreign medical graduates immediately. After all they have been trained and awarded Medical degrees from the Government Medical Colleges of the foreign countries, which are well listed in the world directory of medical schools, duly recognized by the WHO (world health organisation ).
    And don\’t forget, they are Medical Graduates. That can\’t be questioned. The only barrier to allow them to practice is FMGE,which they have to pass.
    If the Government can frame a bridge courses for Ayurvedic doctors, Dentists and others; WHY NOT SUCH BRIDGE COURSE ON JOB TRAINING FOR FOREIGN MEDICAL GRADUATES ??.Don\’t forget they went to the foreign medical institutions only after getting illigiblity certificate from the MCI (medical council of India).And they have been given illigiblity certificates to study only in the foreign medical institutions which are duly approved by the MCI.
    Then subjecting to a process of Exclusion by imposing FMGE is highly inhuman and Discrimanatory too.How can you exempt UK AUSTRALIA CANADA NEWZEALAND USA from FMGE and rest to be forced to pass that examination ? Is it not the violations of BASIC FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS OF OPPORTUNITIES IN THE MATTER OF EDUCATION AND EMPLOYMENT as granted by the Indian Constitution ??

  2. To eliminate these pathologies we should have:
    1. Common EXIT exam – same for FMG and Indian medical colleges graduates.
    2.Have a common DNB post graduation examination in postgraduate studies -same for Indian PG and foreign PG.

    Only roll numbers with no identification of candidates wheteher they are from indian medical colleges or foreign medical colleges . this will remove the bias allegations on whichever organisations they have been alleged till now.And increase competent undergraduates and psotgraduates in our country-good for our fellow citizens.

    Postgraduate degrees of countries like Ireland, South Africa , European union countries in deficit superspecialisations like Medical Oncology , Clinical Hematology, in specialities like radiation oncology should be given a direct specialist registration as we need them urgently.A lot of noncommunicable disease burden is there in india and especially the cancer burden.

    We recognize UK postgraduate qualifications, and UK recognizes qualifications og irelang and qualifications of European Union. Then why we cannot expand our pool of superspecialist doctors by giving a direct specialist registration as has been done with 5 english speaking countries (UK, USA, Australia,New Zealand and Canada).At least recognize specialisations of countries which have already been recognized by countries like UK as an uptodate postgraduate educational qualification .

  3. Acta desperata – when one is hopeless , he will resort to desperate acts. It\’s a problem of the system , not this desperate young man who resorted to illegal means.Give them registration after telling them to do 3-4 years od paid internship in rural areas , villages under a qualified doctor.

  4. Few will take a stand that such tests were not there previously. But that doesn\’t mean the system can\’t be reformed for transparency and credibility. Every organisation or conglomerate should have some parameters to make their working transparent and make sure their workers and professionals have minimum competency in their work and profession. That\’s the reason why NEET has been devised. Whatever being expected from a candidate after MBBS or graduation is being tested by full proof system like NEET OR SAY USEML OR SAY ANY TEST . Whatever being tested in such screening tests are being taught and every thing given in prescribed book and revised routinely in classes and few people have the all resources to revise from special trainer and tutors in extra paid classes who themselves have acquired skills and knowledge after prolong and sustain efforts . So , why , in present day one should have a grudge to go through acid test and complain about being such test as excess only because such tests were not in existing before ? Common , be brave and face it . Don\’t give silly excuse of being a victim. I must appreciate the guy who despite being sneered \’ Made in China \” made it to a so called prestigious branch called ORTHOPAEDICS to spit on the face of those doubting about the product of being Chinese. Seriously , he also proved why China is way ahead of sanskari Indians in every aspect including science, technology , sports, culture and even politics ( Azhar Masood being the burning example ) . So the world is for fittest in natural selection. No body will listen to your whining in forest except for few Indians like say in Tamil Nadu.

  5. When rules are so harsh,that people in desperation will break the rules.For competent ones Screening test, for non competent ones 2-3 years of additional internship would solve the problem . Send the non competent ones to villages , rural areas to do additional internship where they will face real medical problems and by virtue of getting real life practical training would learn something.

    Not all foreign graduates are the same, there are some who had competed with Indian counterparts in NEET PG , have passed USMLE , PLAB and are working as prestigious consultants the world over.Indian medical graduates too cheat , have been caught red handed for various crimes -bribery, sexual harassment, fraud etc..It\’s not indian or foreign medical graduate , to cheat is a criminal mindset.

    I see more and more people especially the foreign graduates have a feeling that they are harassed , then why not we put an EXIT exam for foreign and Indian medical graduates -a common examination to rule out these bias allegations on MCI and NBE or indian medical fraternity as a whole.