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Fortis dengue death case: SC admits Rs 10 crore compensation petition, seeks reply from MCI, Govt, FMRI

Fortis dengue death case: SC admits Rs 10 crore compensation petition, seeks reply from MCI, Govt, FMRI

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has sought the reply of the Centre, MCI and Haryana government on a mans plea, seeking Rs 10 crore as compensation from a Gurgaon-based hospital for alleged medical negligence that led to the death of his seven-year-old daughter, who had dengue.

A bench of justices R K Agrawal and A M Sapre issued a notice to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Medical Council of India (MCI), Haryana government, Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) in Gurgaon, the hospitals doctor and others on the plea filed by the father of the child, Adya, who died during treatment in November last year.

The petitioner, Jayant Singh, alleged that the hospitals “medical malpractice and wrong treatment resulted in prolonging medical treatment, which permitted blatant profiteering by the hospital at the cost of his daughters life”.

He alleged that the doctor took her daughter off the ventilator when her survival was deemed economically unfeasible.

In his plea, the father also sought setting up of a separate body for regulating and acting against medical negligence.

“Frame guidelines for taking stringent and binding action qua medical negligence, including guidelines for introduction/ setting up of an institution which would replace the Respondent No. 5 (MCI).”

“Declare that Sections 20A (related to professional conduct) and 33(m) (standards of professional conduct and etiquette) of the MCI Act, 1956 are ultra vires the Constitution of India and liable to be set aside, as they are ineffective in dealing with medical negligence and cases of quackery,” the petition read.

He also sought cancellation of the licence of the hospital and that of the doctor due to whose “gross negligence” his daughter died.


Source: PTI
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  1. RIP….Medical profession in India.
    Failure of the government to provide adequate Sanitation and healthcare services to citizens of the country and over above blame the people providing good care.
    Why Dengue should happen ??? Anybody seen ground reality…..any government official booked for this.
    Full sympathy with parents but need to introspect …..whether treatment would have happened in any government hospital……if yes……private Hospitals would not have existed.

  2. Shameful act by parents to make money from there dead child where the case was taken care very well by doctors. All doctor s should unit against such acts by patient side .it has become fashion nowadays.

  3. Overbilling by hospitals acceptable to doctors?

  4. This is really shameful that parents want to make money from child\’s death!!!!! Where are we heading???? Instead of asking for money they should have asked for good social infrastructure and preventive measures against such diseases! They aren\’t in grief anymore all they want is publicity and money…….death of humanity!!

  5. I think this case was a critical one The doctors have tried their best. The hospital is 7 star facility so the expenses were expected to be high. I don’t think there is point in filing a case as there wasn’t any negligence

  6. user
    Amit Shrivastava March 27, 2018, 5:54 pm

    What a shame that a parent wants to make money on his dead child .
    Most of us working in Delhi NCR know the details of this case , where the family members brought a very serious case to Fortis and begged the doctors to do their best to save the child .
    Unfortunately, despite all efforts , child developed severe multi organ failure and brain damage : when the same was told to the relatives , they insisted on taking the child home , after taking multiple second opinions .
    In fact the father himself was pro active in this act .
    Sometimes after two months of all this , he realised that money could be made out of it .
    So unfortunate. No wonder , now the Doctors have lost all sympathy for such patients and do not suggest anything beyond wht is ‘ legally permissible ‘ .
    Though , the latest Supreme Court judgement on Euthanasia has put enough light on the futility of continuing medical treatment on patients with irreversible damaged brains and no chances of recovery …… but greedy patients will still try their luck to make a fortune on their dead relatives . Shameful

  7. Believe in supreme court, they will give the judgement who will making money ?