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Fortis Escorts Heart Institute to offer services to five Bangladesh hospitals

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute to offer services to five Bangladesh hospitals

New Delhi: Fortis Escorts Heart Institute has initiated a wide expansion plan in Bangladesh following the highly successful launch of the AFC Fortis Escorts Hospital at Khulna last year with a strategic tie-up between Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and AFC Health Limited of Bangladesh.

The plan includes construction of five AFC Fortis Escorts Hospitals in Chittagong, Dhaka, Comila and Sylhet across Bangladesh with about 450 beds spread over the five units and equipped to extend the best and advanced treatment solutions to the patients in Bangladesh.

Spearheading the initiative, Dr. Ashok Seth, Chairman, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (FEHI) has also established a direct contact for patients and cardiologists from Bangladesh at these centres with the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in Delhi.

This facilitates a 24X7 direct tele link-up of all angiographic images and visuals of critical care areas so that the doctors from Bangladesh can be directly in touch with Dr. Seth in Delhi and have his oversee and guidance 24x7.

The AFC Fortis Escorts hospitals in Bangladesh will have the highest standards of infrastructure, advanced equipment and updated treatment solutions identical to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi.

Qualified cardiologists from Bangladesh are receiving advanced training under the expert tutelage of Dr. Seth and his team in Delhi, as are the nurses and cardiac surgeons from Bangladesh. Dr. Seth will be conducting training programs for doctors in Bangladesh to cover Cardiology; cardiac surgery and pediatric cardiology with quality at par with treatment solutions available at Delhi.

Dr. Ashok Seth said, "The patients in Bangladesh will have access to the best infrastructure in Bangladesh, for Bangladesh, by Bangladeshi doctors. My vision is that no patient from Bangladesh should be going out of Bangladesh for any form of advanced cardiac treatment. They should find everything at hand's reach and the team will work towards delivering it."

Dr. Seth added, "While all local cardiologists and cardiac surgeons and senior nurses are being handpicked by my direct involvement and trained by me at Delhi, they will also be supervised and will be constantly in touch with me while at our facilities in Bangladesh. We hope to deliver the highest standards of quality, ethical and compassionate services to benefit people of Bangladesh."

Dr. Somesh Mittal, Zonal Director FEHI said, "FEHI is continuously introducing newer ways of extending the best treatment solutions through one of the best team of cardiologists in India. In reaching across to patients at Bangladesh we are opening a newer way to reach across to extend the highest level of expertise and skills to patients who do not have access to excellent treatment solutions."

Coronary heart diseases constitute for almost 54 percent rate of deaths in Bangladesh with an almost 7% cause for death globally forming the fourth top most reason for mortality. A study that categorized the search on prevalence and cross-sectional studies, the outcome revealed cardiovascular disease, CVD, myocardial infarction, ischemic heart disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, coronary artery disease to be dominating in the top most diseases in Bangladesh coming as a parallel to Diabetes Mellitus.

In a study conducted on the population in Bangladesh by a professor from Cambridge, it was revealed that besides battling the worst of climate changes, Bangladesh also records the highest rate of urbanization and population density in South Asia. This contributes significantly to the predisposition of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. In addition to these, poor nutrition, environmental contaminants genetic markers are other factors that could be identified as making the population more vulnerable to the disease.

Source: ANI
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