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Global Hospitals Collaborates with Sorento Healthcare for Metastatic Breast Cancer awareness

Global Hospitals, a multi super specialty tertiary care hospital with facility spread across Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai, has collaborated with Sorento Healthcare for ‘iamHER2’ campaign to create awareness on Metastatic Breast Cancer.

‘iamHER2’ campaign, aims to extend support to women suffering from advanced breast cancer – known as HER2. This initiative will serve as a platform and a connection hub between survivors, caregivers and potential patients who have been diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer. This unique co-created is an ecosystem of resources of resources to facilitate expert opinion, affordable testing, counselling, chat with other survivors, and treatment along with all the other ancillary services required like counselling, nutrition, psychological support etc.”

Dr. Jagprag Singh Gujral, COO, Global Hospitals, said,“We are glad to collaborate with Sorento Healthcare to extend our support to patients suffering from Metastatic Breast Cancer through the campaign – ‘iamHER2’. Metastatic Breast Cancer is a dangerous and deadly disease that is killing many young women across the country.  It is saddening that even with the advancement in healthcare technology and despite having advanced drugs which have promised long-term survival, many lives are lost due to lack of awareness about the disease. By teaming with Sorento, it will be our endeavor at Global Hospitals to save lives by creating awareness and more importantly helping those suffering from Metastatic Breast Cancer access affordable testing and treatment.”

Dr. Rasika Bhat, Senior Manager-Scientific Communication Services, said, “Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting women, but not every woman with breast cancer is diagnosed with the same type of breast cancer. One such type is HER2-positive breast cancer, in which the breast cancer cells have more HER2 receptors (a particular protein found on the surface of cells) than normal breast cells. About 1 of every 5 breast cancers is detected to be HER2-positive breast cancer. iamHER2 initiative is a completely unbiased support service which will help HER2 positive breast cancer patients and their caregivers to get encouraged in opting for the right treatment for their condition.”

Source: Press Release
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