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Govt to Cancel License of Private Hospitals employing Govt Doctors in UP

Bareily : Taking strong cognizance of government medical practitioners indulging in private practice, the UP government has announced that it shall, besides taking action against the doctor, also cancel the license of nursing homes/hospitals that employ such doctors.

TOI reports that the  Inspector general of medical and health services has recently directed chief medical officers to set up a committee and identify the government doctors who are also practicing in private nursing homes in the state. In a letter to CMOs of all districts, the IG has stated that government doctors are indulging in private practice despite there being a ban on the same.

“Private practice of medical officers is an offence and it also affects the image of health department. Besides, patients face inconvenience due to this,” the IG stated

To tackle the issue, it has been directed that a committee shall be set up in each district headed by the CMO who shall identify government medical practitioners who are indulging in private practice. Once identified strict action shall be taken against the accused under prescribed rules. It has also been directed that the committee should cancel the licence of nursing homes which have employed medical officers

CMO, Bareilly, Dr Vijay Yadav told TOI, “Following the letter from the state government, I have written to all private hospitals, nursing homes and clinics to issue an affidavit that no government doctor is practicing for them. I have informed them that if it comes out in our inquiry that they had employed a medical officer, their licence will be cancelled.”

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  1. user
    Dr Ramesh Vardhan April 18, 2017, 12:23 pm

    Great this is Only way the Government can improve the Health related issues of the State. DESPITE getting huge amount salaries and benefits of the Government . It is bad on the part of the Government DOCTORS to involve in private practice. They should allow the he private Doctors to do their work with out interface.( They are totally dependents up on private practice , that too by investment of big money by the banks) The private Praticeners should file a PIL against the Government DOCTORS from abstain from private practice. If someone is not happy with the Government job or KEEN about private practice , He or she can RESIGN from Government Medical colleges / Hospitals to be private practicener. Working for two different ESTABLISHMENTS is not only unethical and should be treated as unlawful. I think only people friendly , HONEST GOVERNMENTS / lawmakers can impose/ implement such Rules. GOOD for the Poor and NEEDY patients . And also for the private Praticeners. ( Bad for the Greedy Government DOCTORS and also Teaching Faculty Members of private Medical colleges). If this rule is implemented. I agree Dr Sheela , that not only the elected representatives and the Beurocrates / Babus, and all other government employees should get their treatment from the Government Institutions . Referral to private hospitals specially the so called Corporate Hospitals should abolished then only the Government HOSPITALS can improve. Remembrancement should stopped at once.. when our ex P Ms and present External affairs Minister can get treatment from the Government ,why not others related / associated with Government .

  2. user
    खरी खरी April 8, 2017, 2:32 am

    वेररी गुड डीसीजन।
    इन सरकारी डाकटरों ने अपने घरों में जो धंधा खोल रखा है वो बंद होना चा़हिये। य़े इतने हरामी हो गए हैं कि सरकार से मोटी सेलैरी एंड बैनेफिटस लेकर भी सरकारी असपताल में पेशंट को ढंग से नहीं देखते बलिक उसी पेशंट को घर पर देखने के एवज में मोटी फीस वसूलते हैं। यानि एक पेशंट से डबल कमाई करने के बाद भी जब इनका पेट नहीं भरता तब ये उस पेशंट को उसी फाऱमा कमपनी की दवा लिखते हैं जिससे कमीशन व तोहफे मिलते हैं। साथ ही पेशंट की जांच उसी डाइगनो सेनटर पर करवाने के लिए कहते हैं जहां इनका कमीशन सेट रहता है। इस तरह ये हरामखोर एक पेशंट से चार जगह कमाई करते हैं और इनकी एसी काली कमाई का ना सरकार को पता चलता है और ना ही बेचारे पेशंट को ।।।।।
    य़ूपी सरकार को ऐसे सरकारी सांढों की नाक में नकेल डालने पर बधाई।।।।

  3. Please make compulsory that all the politicians be treated only in govt hospitals only. Why only medical profession under scanner, all the professions and business, there should be ethics control committee.first of all govt departments including politicians should be under scan and should get severe punishment .

  4. Actions may speak loud but till it really gets implemented and practiced consistently making these genetic traits abandon for unethical practices, it may only be another statement which will vain with time. Multicentric action at different strata for each type of medical and paramedical practitioners be announced loud and applied with strict compliance with no exceptions. Rightly pointed out by my colleagues jhollachap, chand se dawakhana, even now the ASHA s workers of government need a second thought whether they are the helpers of money makers. Brainwashing the illeterate and making them forcely undergo surgery on demand are the hidden stories of combined greed in making money.
    The steps announced should be judicious. The private nursing home loosing licences alone is not a solution

  5. Just tell me names of politicians, sorry senior politicians (big shots) who go to state government medical college of their native place. First they should take vow, \”chahe Kuch bhi ho, Pvt hospital me nahi jaunga aur kewal sarkari hospital me hi elaj Katanga\”.