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Gujarat: Prominent Neurosurgeon booked on rape allegations by a Physiotherapist

Gujarat: Prominent Neurosurgeon booked on rape allegations by a Physiotherapist

Vadodara: One of the prominent neurosurgeons in the town has been booked by local police over an allegation of rape made on him by a physiotherapist.

The case concerns a neurosurgeon who owns a private clinic in Akota. A physiotherapist who had been working in his clinic for the past 3-4 years recently came out making allegations of rape on him.

The physiotherapist is now in her thirties. She completed her degree in Bachelors in Physiotherapy in 2007. She then shifted to Canada. She returned to the city in 2012 and started hunting for a job. In 2013, she came in contact with the accused doctor who offered her a job in his hospital.

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The physiotherapist alleged that the doctor built close relations with her and in 2014 he called her in his cabin. She claimed that the doctor made a fake promise to her that he will divorce his wife and marry her.

She further alleged that the doctor continued to have physical relations with her for three to four years. When she refused to give up on his demand, he allegedly threatened to make her intimate photos viral. The doctor also threatened her to finish off her career if she mentioned the case to anyone.

The woman then filed a complaint in JP Road police station.

Rajan Susra, deputy commissioner of police (zone II) informed the TOI that the statement of the lady was taken up and a complaint of rape under relevant section of IPC and under several sections of the IT Act against the doctor was registered.

A police official informed TOI, “The accused used to take the complainant to different cities for conferences and they used to stay in hotels. The woman said that the accused raped her and later tried to prove that she is mentally unstable.”


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  1. user
    Mr judgement Right February 15, 2019, 9:08 am

    Definitely , this is call taking advantages of the weaker status. So make close relationship with someone and rape . And
    Remain excuse in the name of consensual sex. As a \”Boss\” can trap any girl like this way.this how the way of evil\’ in the society. Luring of jobs, luring of promotion.

  2. user
    Dr.Ajay Kumar Gupta MBBS, MD(FMT) February 14, 2019, 7:44 pm

    Let the Law take it\’s own course to take final action in this case.

  3. This is by no way rape if at all the story told by the girl is true. She is an adult and was having sex with the doctor willingly. She has nothing to prove that the doctor agreed to marry her. I feel that the girl developed emotional attachment with the doctor during the course of 4 yrs of sexual relation and wanted him to divorce his wife and marry her. When the doctor refused to divorce his legally wedded wife and the girl realised her mistake, she filed a rape complaint in a desperate attempt to satisfy her ego.

  4. P Kumar – your response is ridiculous. You no nothing about this case. Rape happens when consent is not given or withdrawn! The idea that someone in a relationship cannot have non-consensual sex is absurd.

  5. You know for a long duration both made relationship , almost 4years and now\’ you realised that this was rape, what a beautiful joke by law.

  6. We have forgotten the meaning of the word \’consensual sex\’.
    Be it for once or for 4 years, she consented for the relationship all along. The enquiry should focus on whether forced sex was performed or not.

  7. She was in relation with him for 4 years on mutual consent,she is old & mature enough to say Y or N , just because he refused to marry her,it can\’t be termed RAPE.Our law need to have some bottom line to declare rape.