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Gurgaon: Physician caught taking Rs 30,000 for sex determination

Gurgaon: Physician caught taking Rs 30,000 for sex determination

Gurgaon: A practicing general physician, Dr Anil Bansal, who ran a clinic in one of the posh residential societies of Gurgaon has been caught red-handed by the authorities performing sex determination on a woman

This came after the Haryana authorities received a tip-off about a woman seeking sex determination, who had approached a tout regarding the same two months ago. Since then, the authorities kept a watch on her till yesterday when she went to culminate the deal.

“The team of officials in Jhajjar received a after the woman approached a tout. The deal was planned two months ago. The team in Jhajjar reached Gurgaon and teams from both the districts nabbed the doctor,” said Shyam Sunder of Red Cross Society, Gurgaon to TOI.

The doctors was caught red handed just as he finished performing the test and was allegedly taking Rs 30,000 for the work.

The doctor and the tout have been booked under the relevant provisions of the PC-PNDT Act and his machines at the clinic have also been sealed.

Officals have informed that action will also be taken against the woman who came to Dr Bansal for the test

TOI further reports that Dr Bansal experienced pain in his chest during the raid and was taken to a hospital.

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  1. Sad state of affairs,This doctor must be making fair amount of money by practicing right things but greed for more money has blunted his decision making

  2. The female should be punished. Seeking sex determination is as big a crime as doing it.Its a case of demand and supply.Simple. when people ask for it then the black sheeps do it for easy money.Law should be amended to book parents first and then the doctors.

  3. user
    ASHVIN KUMAR ASHAR September 14, 2016, 11:01 am

    Those who seek fetus sex determination also must be hanged till death in town hall ground of town along with doctor who help them to do the crime.

  4. Wait for ur chance.

  5. user
    Surinder kumar goel September 13, 2016, 5:19 pm

    Anyone who indulges in sex deterumination should be punished without any consideration