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Harassment of Junior Doctors by Seniors: Special Task Force Formed

Harassment of Junior Doctors by Seniors: Special Task Force Formed

New Delhi: To address the growing complaints of harassment at workplace and the issues of exploitation of young junior doctors by their seniors at work, Delhi Medical Association has announced the formation of a special Anti-Harassment task force to look into the grievances of young professionals.

“Delhi Medical Association is deeply concerned about the ongoing incidences of exploitation and harassment to young doctors during their studies at various plateaus of their career. The repeated incidence of suicides by the PhD students the residents, the postgraduates and the under-graduates students has shaken the confidence of the profession at large that something more has to be done to create a better and respectful relationship between teacher and taught,” informed Dr Ashwani Goyal, President Delhi Medical Association

The task force was formed amid various recent incident of harassments including one where a 36-year-old PhD student at AIIMS allegedly attempted suicide, accusing his supervisor of mental harassment, abuse and delay in his fellowship. The recent incidence of the molestation of an intern and by a senior doctor and repeated allegations that there is a repeated harassment of the junior doctor by the senior doctor has to be investigated and supported. Keeping in mind the interest /safety of the dignity of the students, Delhi Medical Association has formed an 8 member special task force involving Past presidents and other senior leaders of the association to look into this matter.

“This anti-harassment task force will look into all the complaints by the students of any type of harassment they are facing during their studies /career and every necessary step shall be taken to make their studies /career a comfortable journey to become a better doctor,” said Dr Prem Aggarwal, Chairman of the Task Force.

“This task force shall be available 24×7 and shall take all the complaints from the various sessions of the young doctors and shall try to create an environment of faith and belief between the teacher and taught,” Dr Aggarwal added.

In matters of grievous offences, the task force will also approach state medical council seeking its involvement. The chairman of Delhi Medical Council and Registrar of the council shall be invited members of the task force to help taking action against the offences which shall be amounting to be unethical and criminal in nature.

The committee is as follows –

  • Dr Ashwani Goyal -President
  • Dr Prem Aggarwal – Chairman
  • Dr K.K. Aggarwal  – Member
  • Dr Harish Gupta  – Member
  • Dr Rakesh Gupta  – Member
  • Dr Naresh Chawla – Member
  • Dr Nomeeta Gupta- Member
  • Dr Deepmala Lalachandani- Member

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  1. At last a step in the right direction, make the president or secretary of the Junior doctor association also a member of this committee, to whom the juniors can talk freely regarding their grievances. The seniors / Professors have to sincerely let go their \” Demi-god\” attitude. Juniors speak up !!

  2. user
    Prof. (Mrs) Pankaja Raghav April 8, 2018, 8:38 am

    Similar anti harassment committee is required at National level to address the harassment of Doctors/ Medical teachers ( junior/ middle /senior level) by their seniors especially people in power.

  3. Dear Sir,
    You are absolutely correct.This type of committee is urgently needed at National level, both in government hospitals as well as in private/ corporate hospitals in which they are pursuing PG courses.The management of corporate hospitals treat the PGs like slaves, as if they have done mercy on them.Moreover, they are paying remuneration in the form of stipend , which is lower than that in govt hospitals.This
    adversely affects the morale of the young doctors.The supervisors and HODs need to change their mindset.Their powers should be curtailed , so that they cannot threaten their students regarding adverse consequences,although adequate amount of discipline is also mandatory.A balance and check has to be made.

  4. Welcome initiative by DMA..We all have seen the way some seniors redicule and humiliate juniors ..I wish the better sense prevail among senior faculty members so that the already stress ful life of medical students and resident doctors become bit comfortable..