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Haryana : Doctor faces action for not treating State Education Minister

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Haryana : Doctor faces action for not treating State Education Minister

Haryana: A senior medical officer posted  at the MLA hostel dispensary in Chandigarh, seems to be facing strong action, after he did not pay a visit to the cabinet minister and treat his wounded leg. Instead, Indian express reports that the doctor sent a nurse, who apparently advised “wrong treatment” leading to the minister contracting an infection .

The case is that of Haryana’s Education Minister, Ram Bilas Sharma and the doctor is Dr R S Chauhan, SMO of the Haryana Cadre who has been in the MLA Hostel dispensary in Sector 3 of Chandigarh for more than a decade.

As the incident goes, the minister, a known diabetic, suffered an injury on his foot. A message was sent to the MLA hostel dispensary to check on the minister. However, instead of going himself, Dr Chauhan chose to send a nurse, Surinder Kumar, to see the minister, reports IE. The nurse advised the minister regular fermentation of the wound as well as to dip the foot in hot and saline water. Sources revealed that the minister did this treatment for a week on regular advice of the nurse, finally developing an infection for which he had to get admitted in PGI. He is still admitted at the hospital, after being operated on September 6.

The doctor concerned is now facing severe action, having being shunted out of the dispensary and transferred  to Mewat on deputation. He also likely to face strong disciplinary action for lapse in duty.

Ram Bilas Sharma’s personal secretary, Pradeep said, “As per protocol, the doctor should have visited the minister to check his condition.”

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Director General of Health Services (DGHS) Kamla Singh told IE, “Dr Chauhan was the in-charge of the MLA hostel dispensary, but he did not even once visit the minister to see his wound. The staff nurse didn’t have adequate knowledge and advised the minister to dip his wounded foot in hot and saline water. Such a treatment is never advised to a diabetic patient. Thus, both Dr Chauhan and the nurse Surinder Kaur have been transferred to Mewat.”

The said decision comes after the DGHS issued a show-cause notice to the doctor, visited the dispensary in person and found the doctors explanation non-satisfactory

When spoken to about the incident, Dr R S Chauhan informed the daily, “It is the government’s decision. I have been relieved of my duties today and I am leaving for Mewat.”

“They realise their mistake. Also, I have informed them that a register should be maintained that has the medical history of all MLAs,” said DG (Health).


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  1. Minister should have gone to doctor. Protocol of doctor visiting ministers house is wrong. Minister should get the same treatment as any common citizen or tax payer gets. Do ministers / VIPs pays docs from their own pocket?. All docs should refuse visiting these VIPs houses. Even in government hospital there should be no reserve rooms for these pseudo VIPs, let them stand in q with common citizens if they truely represent them!

  2. user
    Dr Vinay kumar gupta September 12, 2016, 8:44 pm

    The politicians usually want visit by doctor as prevelage .Pt should visit doctor chamber for proper examination.this is the practice in all advance countries. Thi vip culture must end.doctors time should be valued

  3. Agree with some of the others – doctors do feel uncomfortable treating a potential diabetic foot at somebody\’s home!! Debridement done in a non sterile manner is likely grounds for superinfection or infection if none existed in the first place!!! Depending on the doctor\’s assessment, a foot and ankle X Ray might also be advised – in essence there was NO CIRCUMSTANCE for treating this at home and the patient needed to go to a doctor – the only caveat being if he was overtly toxic in which case he needed to be moved to a hospital instead. I find the nurse incompetent in advising hot soaks to a diabetic, but even so I feel we can\’t comment fully because we have access to neither patient nor the treating physician (in this case nurse)… So does that mean when loopholes abound, blame it on the Doctor? That\’s the same mentality that gets so many doctors beaten up everyday. (And now it\’s the cops getting beaten up too!) Ask your kids to become bankers and actors instead.

  4. Ist of all bl sugar must daily dr should have req to visit dispensary also person sitting at priviled place should be careful

  5. A person goes to well for drinking water the well does not come to the person. I believe that the minister should have come to visit the doctor in dispensary, unless ofcourse he was so incapacitated by his wound that he could not visit the dispensary. Why is he taking the doctor to be his servant?? As a surgeon, one can treat the disease better in your own setting (dispensary) rather than home. Even if we assume that on first day the minister could not come but what about the rest of 6 days, he was not bothered about his wound and could not come to pay doctor a visit. cannot blame doctors for your own negligence.

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