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Haryana to implement Clinical Establishment Act soon

Haryana to implement Clinical Establishment Act soon

Chandigarh: Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij said the state government would soon implement Clinical Establishment Act in the state.

Stating this while interacting with media persons here, Mr Vij said implementation of this Act had some hurdles which now had been resolved by holding discussions with Officers of Indian Medical Association (IMA).

He said all preparations regarding the implementation of this Act have been completed. Under this Act, first registration would be done, and after this, one Body would be formed to determine norms for the establishment of the hospital. He said strict actions would be taken to any hospital violating this Act.

He said rules of this Act have been formulated and consultation had also been completed. The inspection of private clinics would be carried out after the implementation of this Act, he added.

Source: UNI
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  1. this act should be protested not only by the doctors but also by common people like us. this will lead to shuttimg down of small clinics in which thousands of patients are being treated. The governmen want that these hospitals should become into corporate and big hospitals. Eventually this will not help poor people as the cost of treatment has to be increased by hospitals. And moreover government, instead of passing irrelevant bills and acts should actually improve government hospitals and support each doctor.

  2. the clinical establishment act is a totally unreasonable. The norms are just irrelevant. The doctors are not opposing the act for their convenience but they are opposing for the sake of us, the public.
    1. A small private clinic can not have facilities like a 5 star hospitals. They want that the clinic must posses a parking area. This is totally irrelevant. I want to ask the government if you have ever asked a garment shop or a school to a adequate parking?
    2. Government is asking private clinics that they must posses a specified area of land for different departments. I still wonder what is the problem if the clinic possess less space? The doctor will be same and the treatment will be same too.
    3. The major debate in medical field is about the medicines. the government want that the doctor should give the generic medicines only. let me tell you what does it means.-
    generic medicines are non branded medicines. I am not a brand person . But still the branded medicines are much more effective and durable than generic ones. Government insist doctors to write the salt names instead of brand name. The doctor is competent in writing the salt name for he studied nearly one fifth of his life learning salts. But the main problem occur when the pharmacist gives medicines reading the salt on the slip. He will naturally give those medicines which he have, though of same salt. But the problem is that you have given the power of prescription to a chemist who is merely educated and snatched the power of prescription from a well qualified doctor.

    I want to request people that try to understand every aspect of the story. Learn to spend on your health. I have seen people purchasing clothes, mobiles, cars and spending numerous sum of money. But when it comes to their bodies, they dont want to spend a penny. I want every citizen to know that medical treatment is costly. Hospital has to charge the required money.

  3. Govt can not provide Health care to public but this seams to be one sure effort by the Govt to close down all possible care provided by the private sector .Public and masses will suffer soon as the private setups will start closing down . Govt does not have any interest in the real improvement of health facilities and on the other side they are trying to destroy the private health facilities . This all is going to be horrible .Unfortunate for the people belonging to middle class and lower middle class .

  4. Government should first implement same parameters for its own rural dispensaries and phcs