Health, AYUSH ministries should work together to integrate AYUSH system, modern medicine: Parliamentary panel

“The committee would like to recommend to the ministry (AYUSH) to engage with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for integration of AYUSH systems with modern medicine,” the report stated.

New DElhi: A parliamentary committee has asked the AYUSH Ministry to engage with the Health Ministry for integrating AYUSH systems with modern medicine to increase its acceptability as a scientific and a reliable alternate system of medicine.

The Department Related Parliamentary Standing Committee emphasised that the ministry must focus on increasing the credibility of AYUSH systems by promoting scientific research and upholding strict quality control of AYUSH drugs.

Earlier, it had recommended a change in the curriculum to introduce modules of modern medicine in traditional system of medicine and vice versa to bring AYUSH into the mainstream.

The committee is of the firm view that the AYUSH Ministry needs to take initiative to promote and integrate Indian systems of medicine with the modern systems to increase their acceptability as scientific and reliable alternate systems of medicine.

The committee, in its recent report, appreciated the strategy of the National Policy on Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy, 2002 which envisages integration of AYUSH with healthcare delivery system.

“The committee would like to recommend to the ministry (AYUSH) to engage with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare for integration of AYUSH systems with modern medicine,” the report stated.

The committee also recommended a substantial increase in funds for institutes like the Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM) and the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy for carrying out research to increase the credibility of AYUSH systems.

The committee said that it was the need of the hour to focus on scientific research, including collaborative research, to increase the credibility of AYUSH systems by promoting standardisation, scientific re-validation of AYUSH drugs, collaborative research projects with ICMR etc.

For increasing such activities, which will certainly increase the acceptability of AYUSH, adequate funds need to be earmarked for research activities so that the institutes serve the purpose for which they have been established, it said.

The committee also asked the ministry to take up the matter of bringing in a new legislation with the Health Ministry on priority in the wake of sale of spurious/sub-standard Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani (ASU) drugs.

It also sought to be apprised of the composition of the two empowered committees constituted in March 2018 and the work done by them with respect to the regulatory vertical structure of AYUSH for quality assurance and control of misleading advertisement/exaggerated claims.

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  • Those Ayush doctors who able to clear final MBBS exam, should legally be allowed to practice modern medicine. Here patient safety is main concern than which pathy is better

  • Very good decision by government. After doing bridge course for Ayush doctor it is a clap on jholachaap doctor.

  • I think allopathic system of medicine is a jhola chhap system with few steroids,painkillers and adversely effecting antibiotic drugs . There are many diseases ,diagnosis in the system but no treatment .After few days these antibiotic drugs become resistant and do not work anymore . A patient even becomes addicted to simple antacid allopathic medicines. These allopathic drugs have a lot of side-effects .In the beginning patient uses the allopathic drugs for treatment after sometime he becomes addicted to these drugs now he has to take these drugs for addiction till the end of his life.

    • What ayush is having is ASH,bushma ,massages ,purgation and stupid kapha ,pitta, vayu. They are v big copycats. Fooling the public to the maximum.

  • Let the people decide where to approach n which pathy medicines to be taken as they are the one who are at receiving ends. Let ayush doctors develop more precised treatment system especially in emergency medicine. After all it\'s ayurveda who\'s approaching to modern medicine. Allopathy doesnt need any help from ayurveda.

  • AYUSH Doctors must be given equal status with doctors of modern medicine to reach at goal \" HEALTH FOR ALL\". Secondly education system with all clinical facilities must be given in AYUSH Medical Colleges with all modernized facilities with all ultra modern investigation methods.Infrastructure of all colleges &hospitals must be well setup to impart best education along with research .