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Haryana Health Minister Suspends Two Orthopaedics for prescribing medicines not available in hospital

Haryana Health Minister Suspends Two Orthopaedics for prescribing medicines not available in hospital

Ambala: During a surprise visit at Ambala Cantonment Civil Hospital, the Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij has ordered the suspension of two orthopedic doctors for prescribing medicines which were not available in the hospital and could only be procured from pharmacies outside the hospital.

Vij also ordered to charge-sheet a doctor and sought explanations from four other doctors and a nurse.

The stringent action comes after the health minister interacted with patients, who were present in the hospital for treatment. As per media reports, he collected all those prescription cards which mentioned medicines that were not available in the hospital.

Vij stated that he received several complaints from patients who alleged that the doctors at the hospital were prescribing medicines which were only available outside the hospital.

When asked as to why the doctors are prescribing medicines which can only be purchased from outside the hospital, the Senior Medical Officer (SMO) of the hospital, Dr Satish Gupta could not find any satisfactory answer reports TOI.

Accordingly, the minister directed to suspend Dr Singla and Dr Moudgil of orthopedics department. He also put Dr Kamboj of the same department under charge-sheet as per Rule 8 of the Haryana Civil Services

Vij later sought explanations from Dr Kuldeep of psychiatry department, Dr Kathwal of general medicine department, Dr Sharma and Dr Rajesh of the emergency out-patient department (OPD), and a staff nurse Sunita, following complaints against them, adds Tribune.

“Further proceedings will be done after the explanation from the doctors and the nurse is received,” Vij confirmed.

The minister also conducted a thorough inspection of all the departments and facilities of the hospital. Later, expressing his objection, he questioned the SMO as to why most of the doctors were not available at the hospital at 2.15pm, when the patients were waiting in the OPD.

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  1. user
    Siddharth Jain August 7, 2018, 5:25 pm

    Insanity of peak level… Health minister, secretary should be from medical backgroud..

  2. IPS se insult karva ke araam Nahi Mila kya

  3. this \’act smart\’ attitude of the minister would not help the patients. mantriji, just wait till you break a bone & need to see an orthopedic surgeon.

  4. In the first place, if the Government supplied those same medicines to hospital , there would be no need for outside medicines…

  5. This can be solved very easily. The minister has to do only one small thing. He just has to bring all his family members to get treated there, for all ailments and then see how well the hospital blossoms into a world class center.