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Heart Melting: Final year MBBS Medico does farm work for Rs 150 per day to fight poverty, pay fee

Heart Melting: Final year MBBS Medico does farm work for Rs 150 per day to fight poverty, pay fee

Trichy: In a heart-melting story that is indeed going to shut all those mouths that think MBBS is a tough course, comes the tale of a 21-year-old MBBS medico, who is doing a tougher job of studying medicine at a private medical college, while working as a farm worker earning a mere Rs 150 per day in order to support her family.

A farmer’s daughter; a sister of a hearing disabled, and moreover an MBBS student studying day and night, this 21-year-old inspirational medico, Kanimozhi, who belongs to the Arunthathiyar community in the area, and is bravely fighting with the toils of life in her journey to become a doctor.

TOI has reported about this brave girl, Kanimozhi, who has been fighting against all odds, just to fulfill her dream.  Kanimozhi joined the MBBS course in the year 2014 after she secured a government quota seat at the Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College at Siruvachur, Perambalur. Her annual fee was around Rs 5 lakh, of which she had been paying Rs 2.2 lakh and around Rs 2.8 lakh to Rs 3 lakh was provided as a scholarship for the scheduled castes by the government. But the scholarship is only for 4 years and 6 months, adds the daily.

Her proud father, P Pichaimani, 45, who is a farmer at Veppanthattai in Permabalur, has left no stone unturned in order to support her daughter’s precious dream of medicine.

He said that he had mortgaged all he could to pay Rs 8,80,000 as fees so far and now has nothing left to pay for her education. “I was a daily-wage worker in Dubai for a few years, but after suffering an accident I returned home and have been farming in a one-acre land. I sold my wife’s jewellery and mortgaged my farming land to pay Kanimozhi’s fees. My only dream is to make sure my daughter finishes her MBBS course,” he added.

To make their daily ends meet, apart from studying for MBBS, she works on agricultural fields on weekends for a meager Rs 150 a day and support her family. “Along with my mother, I go to farms and do work like weed removal. Our family has been struggling with poverty and meeting the medical expenses of my sister, who has a hearing impairment,” she shared.

While talking to the Times of India about her journey and the battle that she is fighting each and every day to get her MBBS degree, Kanimozhi shared that she might have to discontinue her studies in the final year of her MBBS course if she is not able to pay the fees.

Meanwhile, certain college sources informed TOI that the due date for Kanimozhi to pay the pending fee for her MBBS course was in February this year. However, they added that knowing her situation, at no point did they compel her to pay the fee or ask her not to attend classes.

“We always understand when a student is struggling financially. She’s regularly coming to college. If she had brought up the issue straight to us, we would’ve seen what could be done,” the source added.

When contacted, N Selvaraj, at whose farm the MBBS student has been working from the past few weekends, said, “As far as I know, Kanimozhi has been doing wage work for over two years and in recent weekends she has been working at my farm. Though I have advised her not to do such work as she’s an MBBS student, she said that she was doing it so that she could help her family.”

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  1. god bless you,thankgod,if you was a poor general caste daughter,you have not even think of m.b.b.s,as scholarship of 2.8 lakhs would have been denied to you then

  2. I really appreciate your comment kashish. Everybody has to know the plight of poors of general category. They are not eligible to get such scholarships.

  3. Did u read the article properly ..She is not from the genral category …This is the way people from resrved community and people like u try to make issues and grab the \”resources\”which actually should belong to all. Half knowledge, half presence of mind and killing fields (OT Theatres)called hospitals have become the order of the day ….
    What was the necessity to do MBBS when millions of general category people are not able to and have iven up the hope of becoming a Doctot and have become clercks and other workers.. for a minority and resrved community person it is a news but for those millions it is not a news !!!
    Remember she got nearly 2.8-3 lakhs give by the Govt as a scholarship for SC/STs… In the wester countries it is very common and in India only it becomes news particularly if a person from minority community or a foolish person like this Girldoespersue Medical field… She cannot plan her own studies and what she wil plan for the Surgey(after giving anaesthesia)…only God knows.!!!

  4. user
    Dr G Lokendra nath September 13, 2018, 10:49 am

    It won\’t be a surprise from this day of Vinayaka chathurthi 2018 ifDOCTORS existence and working is not byALL INDIA MEDICAL SERVICES inIndia street beggars be only doctors before crooked politicians doing all antisocial doings.

  5. Good Doctors Viral, Giyak and Chawla are ready to financially help Kanimozi is really heartwarming. All 3 should should contact and send their contribution directly to the Medical College authorities to prove their goodness.
    But, Just a passing thought. Are these good doctors regularly helping their own very poor patients who come to their door with sickness. Do they completely waive off their own fees or give any other free help ? It would be better if these good doctors guide her directly to a proper source from where she can get free financial support for the fees.
    Actually there are hundreds of Medical Students in India who have a similar plight as Kanimozi, who perhaps do not know where from help for paying fees can be sought.
    IMA / NGO\’s / Trusts / MP\’s / MLC\’s etc should do something proactively to identify and help all such genuinely poor Medical Students.

  6. What about thousands of general pool students … My own brother was working in shop in the evening since his first year (during his studies as a Medico) and I know 100s ofthem who are giving tutions and earning part time spport their studies ..This dramabazi of the media and teh so called minority cells to get more attention should stop…If u go to US/Uk they don\’t care andall will have to do part-time job for studies in order to pay school fees etc…. It is only a group of sychophants who want to show that only girls like this are suffering ….If u want to support support all ..Otehrwisejust keep quite ..If the girl has no money she should become an agricultural graduate and treat plants and solve the problems of farmers who are dieying because of plant diseases …what is wrong in that. with Rs.250000/- u can complete ur studies.

  7. There are are hundreds of students who are pursuing MBBS in the private medical colleges throughout India like her. They or their parents are not coming to media or persons who can highlight their miserable financial conditions. Offering financial help to one person may be helpful to that particular family only but not the whole community. The private medical colleges will never listen anybody to reduce their fees, as they have to run the colleges without getting any help from government. Instead of doing farming job, The doctors in the local area can help those students by offering a nursing or compounder like jobs, a helping hand for an established doctor. They will learn patient management and also simple maneuvers like giving injections, surgical dressing etc.

  8. What was the necessity to her to join the Medical college in Private college ??? She should have tried second time in a Govt college or persued Agri Bsc and become a Plant doctor …If that is teh way Govt will have to pay for the college fees of hundreds of studnets who are stydying in Private colleges ..this diversion of funds for select group of people who didn\’t getgovt college seat thru. merit is a mockery of tax payers hard earnings !!! She has not planned her studies and school fees and what surgery she will plan ???

  9. dint understand y n selvaraj at whose farm shz working wanted her to lose her virtues n dignity of labour n advising her not to work in work us small …shz noble …dz doung mbbs give horns or tail…its her story her life…we must celebrate her strength n wisdom to overcome the hyped challenges n hypocrisy of our country called india…pvt colleges have their expenses.. those who have invested without govt help…hv a right to charge their expenses…they need to grease sanctioning bodies officers n poltishans for recognitiins…&starting colleges!!! whats mci dmer n politicians turning blind eye towards holes in education system from kg class doing??? y congress for 70 yrs n current govts are against discouraging all types of education n reducing education seats..esp mbbs is their hot target…WHY long will they continue to throw dust in global eyes with less meritorious n few others as privelaged with mbbs…& marring chances of passionate inclined wise souls…how long will indians still have to face the licenceraj in pharma manufacturing…n pharma company alotment god knows

  10. No work is undignified. I meant that assisting a doctor will be more help to her in her future than working in the agricultural fields.