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High Court questions Credibility of foreign medical degrees, asks MCI to respond

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High Court questions Credibility of foreign medical degrees, asks MCI to respond

Chennai: Observing that it cannot allow public health to be at risk, the Madras High Court suo motu impleaded the Medical Council of India and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as respondents in a petition. The court was directly seen questioning the credibility of foreign medical degrees, for which admissions could be undertaken even by a low scoring student

A petition was filed by Thamarai Selvan, who had obtained an MBBS from a college in West Indies, and who sought a direction to Tamil Nadu Medical Council, to issue a certificate of provisional registration considering his application dated February 13 so as to enable him to undergo the Compulsory Rotatory Residential Internship (CRRI) in any approved Medical College-Hospital in Tamil Nadu.

Justice N Kirubakaran, in an interim order, asked him to re-submit the application to Tamil Nadu Medical Council within a period of two weeks from the date of receipt of a copy of the order and also directed the council to take appropriate decision within two weeks thereafter.

However, keeping the main petition pending, the judge, referred to the 77.8 per cent marks obtained by the petitioner in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

The judge said the marks would not be sufficient to get a seat in any of the medical colleges in India as the cut-off marks was invariably above 90 per cent.

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The judge raised a question as to how affluent students with comparatively low marks are allowed admission to foreign medical colleges and universities whose degrees are recognised by the MCI.

“It is not understandable as to how moneyed persons who get comparatively low marks are allowed to get admission in foreign medical colleges and are able to get medical degrees which are also recognised by MCI.”

“Only meritorious students should be allowed to enter the profession as the lives of the patients are with the prospective doctors. Further, our country needs more doctors and hence, urgent measures have to be taken to establish more government medical colleges so that medical education is not commercialised,”

The judge then suo motu impleaded the Medical Council of India and Secretary, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare as respondents, and directed them to reply to a set of 14 questions including how many medical graduates from foreign medical colleges took screening tests conducted in the past 10 years. Some of the questions include

  • The number of medical graduates from foreign medical colleges that have entered the profession in the past 10 years;
  • whether or not the MCI is aware that students who score low marks are able to get admission in foreign medical institutions and get medical degrees;
  • whether allowing such students to get medical degrees goes against the public interest;
  • whether or not any minimum marks have been prescribed by the MCI for foreign medical universities;
  • and which are the countries where Indian students with low marks usually obtain medical degrees.

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Source: with agency inputs
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  1. plus two mark is not a criteria to become a good doctor. Wrong concept in our Education system. Any students who have good memory can score good marks after exam most of them will forget. Instead of memory test, Learn the art of healing.

  2. Absolutel absurd about the scores. Till1965 thousands of Indians have joined Indian Medical colleges (those days no private) with 50% marks and have become sucessful doctors inIndia and abroad.
    The 10+2 system got modified and as planned approach to exams have resulted in high scores upto 98% as of today. Everyone should understand the fact that a person capable of getting 50% marks also can pass medical exams with a bit of extra hardwork. 85-90 % are brainy and it could be easy for them.
    Shunting those with less than 80-90 is uncalled for and have certainly the right to study medicine anywhere in the world if admission is procured.
    Only the MBBS courses offered clandestinely by a few unscruplous people in China and Russia (who have no affiliation whatso ever with Chinese or Russian Govt Educational system) are to be watched out since they are not proper medical schools even.
    Medical schools in the carebian, Philipines, Malaysia, Etc are well recognized and far more superior Med schools than those in the Indian states. These schools follow the Us system of medical education with 6-7 year course.
    These schools are recognized by the American board and students can easily get enrolled for USMLE rxams.
    Sadly many of the Indian Med schools are not recognised by the US system.
    It is only ironic if not hypocracy that any doctor who has degree from the med schools of US, UK, Newzealand, Australia can freely register and work in India without any MCI exams, not from the Med schools of countries which follow the high US STANDARDS else where!
    Sadly one must note that Indian med schools are considered very poor in sylabus, teaching standards by US, UK, Australia and New Zealand and not recignized. MCI has warning from the US Medical board to improve the system since 2005!

  3. It is not understandable as to how moneyed persons who get comparatively low marks are allowed to get admission in foreign medical colleges and are able to get medical degrees which are also recognised by MCI.”
    It\’s nice to see that someone as educated as a judge can say something stupid like that, calling students studying in foreign universities as moneyeyes, what about the private colleges in india which are taking around 9-10 lakhs every year from a student? The mci had setup 50% as eligibility at the time of admission to ensure that the student will have atleast a certain knowledge to start their course….saying that a student after completing his bachelor\’s degree (which is hard enough for anyone) is not enough because his score was less in intermediate examinations which he had given 7 years back is one the stupidest thing in have heard till now

  4. If 77.8% is not enough to enter a medical college, (against MCI REQUIREMENT OF 50%) Does the Hon\’ble judge has any information on the number of students who got admission in to various medical colleges in India LEGALLY who may not have got even 50%? There may be so many. So what happens to the lives of patients treated by these prospective doctors.
    It is said that the exam conducted by the MCI to grant recognition to these foreign degree holders is very tough and if the same test is applied to the students securing MBBS degree in most of our colleges, not many students would clear the same

  5. The major difference between Indian and foreign education is theory V practice. Indian students are theorized while Western students are practical oriented. This major difference scores above our degrees. Indian education as a whole, not just medicine teaching, need revamped and education institutions must be freed from political interferences for vote bank politics. Nehru had failed in this too. He opened institutions to political matters in 1956.

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