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Himachal Govt Prescription Audit: 400 doctors get notices for Violations

Himachal Govt Prescription Audit: 400 doctors get notices for Violations

Simla: 400 medical practitioners associated with various government medical institutions in the state have fallen under the radar of the government under the prescription audit scheme after allegations surfaced that the doctors are prescribing non-generic medicines. The doctors have now received notices from the state health department in the matter.

As per Medical Council of India norms, every doctor has to prescribe generic medicines.

“Every physician should prescribe drugs with generic names legibly and preferably in capital letters and he/she shall ensure that there is a rational prescription and use of drugs”

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The move comes in light of the allegations of growing nexus between medical practitioners as well as pharma companies, whereby doctors prescribe the brands of pharma in return for favours.

To keep the practice in check, the state government also started a Prescription Audit Scheme initiated four years ago, whereby for every patient two prescriptions were generated- one patient’s copy and one copy of the government health institution. All the institutions’ copy are deposited in the prescription boxes.

With the department receiving a number of complaints of doctors favouring certain pharmas and chemists, under the department with the health audit scheme has now issued notices to 400 doctors posted in various health institutions for prescribing branded instead of generic medicines in violation of the Himachal Government directives.

“We have issued notices to 400 doctors,” Health Minister Vipin Parmar informed Tribune , warning of strict action if the allegations were found true.




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  1. user
    Dr Spandan Bhadury December 7, 2018, 3:54 pm

    M C I has instructed that Doctors should write prescription in block letters and mention both generic and brand name of medicine for clarity and transparency. It is beneficial to patients at large. Those medications supplied by government pharmacy. Should be written. If indicated.

  2. 1.Generic medications are not trust worthy and are easy to fake. 2. There is no mechanism available with the Govt to check these fake medications. 3. Most of the medical stores or medicine vendors are either do not have licence and or run by unqualified persons. 4. How can any one prescribe generic names for say a cough syrup? or expectorant? 4. The latest medications on the market do not have generic components since they are under patency period. 5. what about innumerable number of quakes prescribing allopathic medicines and undertaking surgeries? 6. gazette notification is not a legislation. especially when it does not prescribe the consequences for not following the gazette notification.

  3. There is a market turnover of 20 Thousand crores annually of spurious medicines worldwide and India contributes 80 percent of that turnover. That\’s why so many women died after consuming ciprofloxacin tabs laced with rat poison, after undergoing tubectomy operations in Madhya Pradesh. God bless this country. Why all big shots go to USA or England or Canada for their treatment????

  4. user
    Dr Balwant Singh sikarwar December 7, 2018, 12:06 pm

    They all will write generic medicines if government takes the outcome of treated diseases.