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Himachal: Soon, tracking device in all ultrasound machines

Himachal: Soon, tracking device in all ultrasound machines

To check female foeticide, Himachal Pradesh government is planning to install a tracking device in ultrasound machines across the state and a pilot project would be started at Kangra.

“Surveillance on ultrasound machines was being maintained on regular basis but misuse of the machines in private clinics could not be ignored and the state government was planning to install Active Tracking Device in these machines and a pilot project would be started at Kangra,” state Health minister Kaul Singh  said here.

The tracking devices would be installed in a phased manner in all government and private ultrasound machines in the state, he said.

Singh said government has taken number of initiatives to check sex determination and strict action will be taken on complaints under Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Test (PC and PNDT).

He instructed all the Chief Medical Officers, Block Medical Officers and others for regular inspection of the ultrasound machines in their respective areas.

The state government had increased the reward money from Rs 10,000 to Rs one lakh for furnishing information regarding female foeticide and sex determination test.

The Minister said for operating the ultrasound machines, an eligible and qualified person having a diploma or a degree should be deployed.

He said a massive awareness campaign would be launched to spread awareness regarding female foeticide, in which NGOs and Asha workers would be involved.

Source: PTI
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  1. One thing to be clarified. Male pelvis and female pelvis of foetus have many congenital problems. Should dr abstain from examining it cos one has to focus on genitalia also. And then face legal notice from parents for missing the findings and legal notice from com if u happen to scan genitalia of baby. If baby has genital problem u report. Than com catches u for indirectly telling sex of baby and if u conceal parents sue u in court for not reporting the said finding. Any takers to give answer. And answer should satisfy a com. If not think before making sweeping statements of an act which even the best in the field don’t have any clue.

  2. Com means cmo appropriate authority

  3. Give immediate death penalty as punishment to doctors doing this in the main ground of city in open so society should afraid of doing it. Family who has asked for female fetus termination must be deprived from all property holding and black listed.

  4. user
    Dr. Praveen Kumar June 25, 2016, 12:47 pm

    One more idiotic action of bureaucrates to harass doctors.

    Such devices are costly ( Approx. 40 , 000 INR) . It will be paid by ultrasound clinic.

    For a moment considering that all radiologist and sonologists are bad citizens doing sex determination and pro PCPNDT activists are loyal to this country, such villains can be stopped easily to do sex determination by installing an electronic device that will blur foetal genitalia ( Now available with all big manufacturers).

    Installing a tracking device is against HIPPA compliance.