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Homeopath Administering Allopathy Medicines, Sent to 14 day Judicial Custody

Homeopath Administering Allopathy Medicines, Sent to 14 day Judicial Custody

Pune: A homeopathy practitioner practicing in the area has now been sent to 14 day magisterial custody, on orders of a Shivajinagar Court in a case of alleged medical negligence that led to the death of a 16-year-old patient.

The case relates to the treatment of a 16-year-old who had gone for treatment to the homeopath doctor with complaints of vomiting and severe ear and throat pain. However, instead of referring the patient to a qualified allopathy doctor, the homeopath admitted the patient to his 15-bedded hospital,administering allopathic medicines on her, including IV fluids “In the morning, the homeopath asked us to get her screened at the pathology lab on Karvenagar Road and said we should get her ears examined at Shashwat Hospital. After the tests, we returned to the hospital at around 2.30 pm,” the patient’s father informed TOI.

The problems then escalated when the patient’s family fed her . “We fed her rice and daal. Within half-an-hour, she started complaining of stomach ache. The homeopath told his staff, over the phone, to put my daughter on an antibiotic drip,” the father informed the daily. The girl got some relief. “But soon she again started complaining of severe stomach ache. Another dose was given to her. However, she fell silent and stopped moving. The doctor said he had administered a sedative and told us to take her to Mai Mangeshkar hospital. When we got there, she was declared dead on arrival,” he added.

A case was then filed against the practitioner and the hospital alleging medical negligence. As a protocol, the police referred the matter to the Sassoon Hospital for an expert committee report, which clearly stated that professional misconduct and medical negligence caused the girl’s death. Based on the report of the expert committee the police arrested the practitioner and produced him before the court.

The  Shivajinagar court on Saturday remanded a homeopath in magisterial custody for 14 days

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  1. It looks patient had acute food poisoning and Homeopath gave wrong treatment due to poor diagnosis…Wrong system in India due to Govt policies…Say no to Cross Pathy…

  2. Homeopathic practitioners not allowed to do allopathic practice.

  3. Sad that such incidents keep happening repeatedly, calls for more public awareness and stricter laws.

  4. It is a case of quackery which requires punishment.

  5. user
    DR RAJESH M BUDDHADEV January 25, 2018, 12:38 pm

    It is Pure Quackery and should be punished.
    Dr Rajesh M Buddhadev
    Proud Member of IADVL

  6. user
    DR RAJESH M BUDDHADEV January 25, 2018, 7:30 pm

    In continuation with my own Response
    Any doctor who practices and prescribes medicines about which he did not study and not registered the council constituted by law is a mere pretender to the knowledge in that system and is quack.

    The 1956 Act regulates practice of allopathic medicine, so section 15 (2)(b) requires that only those who are registered on state medical register alone can practice Allopathic medicine and secondly the prohibition is directed against every person who is not registered on any state medical register and all such person are precluded from practising allopathic medicine. The punishment under section 15 (3) is in respect of contravention of any provision of subsection. ANd so such things should be controlled by Local health authority , as it mainly affects community health and which is responsibility of local health authority.