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Homeopathy Practitioner told to Pay Rs 2 Lakhs for prescribing Allopathy Medicines

Homeopathy Practitioner told to Pay Rs 2 Lakhs for prescribing Allopathy Medicines

Ahmedabad: In a major decision, a consumer court in the state has slapped a compensation of Rs 2 lakh on a homeopathy practitioner on account of prescribing allopathy medicines to a child that led to the deterioration of his health during illness.

The case is that of one Bhupat Makwana, a resident of the Bedla village, whose son had fallen ill. He went for treatment to one, Dr Gunwant Bawalia, who is a homeopath practicing in the same village.

The Doctor prescribed him paracetamol first and later put him on a saline drip after the patient’s condition did not improve. Post the drip, the child’s condition further began to deteriorate with a reaction and blisters coming up all over his body. The patient was then shifted to various other hospitals where the doctors concluded that the child’s condition was aggravated by improper treatment.

With the patient’s father spending more than Rs 95000 on the son’s treatment post reaction, he knocked at the doors of the Rajkot District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum and demanded compensation of Rs 3 lakh for the trouble he was put through.

TOI reports that initially doctor first refused to identify the complainant, but later conceded that he had treated the child. He still maintained that he had not charged them anything and had not invited the patient to his clinic.

The court was seen reprimanding the practitioner for the said argument adding that under the provisions of  17(3) of the Homeopathic Act, 1963, he is only allowed to practice homeopathic system of medicine. The court further quoted the Supreme court as stating

 that a quack that it is a “person who does not have knowledge of a particular system and a mere pretender to medical knowledge or skill, or to put it differently a charlatan

Holding the practitioner, negligent in providing the treatment, the court then asked the homeopath to pay Rs 2 lakh to him along with Rs 5,000 towards litigation expenditure.

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  1. user
    RTN.DR.S.K.VASHISHT February 24, 2017, 8:02 pm

    Such steps …. is need of the hour…. for the survival of Homoeopathy

  2. user
    Dr Dhananjaya Dubey February 24, 2017, 7:55 pm

    I agreed that physician practiced in his own path but the government allowed to give or prescribed allopathic medicine b by medical nursing staff or even a aganbadi staff to treat all these drugs during emergency, if they have weight to prescribe it what wrong with me.If the same thing happen by the allopathic physician what is the opinion of court.we see in our daily practice an acute and the chronic reaction or adversed effect of allopathic drugs which is prescribed or treated by a famed allopathic physician which is absolutely incorrect what step is taken by court in favour of society.From a long time we see in each and every part of India quack are practicing (Bangali doctors)what they do everyone knows court see all these things from long time,Is our hounrable court think what his respected allopathic physician do in society they are practicing by pure allopathic medicine?.what action taken by court? it is fair .Many times we see that the word quack is used especially for homoeopathic physician this is not true what literary work done by government in society .In India a general qualified person doesn\’t know the importance of speciality,so many things are to discuss in this topic before take an action on homoeopathic doctor.there is a partiality in between allopathic and homoeopath physician.

  3. user
    Dr.Sauvik Banerjee February 23, 2017, 10:07 pm

    This is very unusual incident. Being a Homoeopath doctor we should practice logically.According to my knowledge Govt. passed about 32 modern medicine that we have prescribe in some paracetamol also included.But in that case giving procedure is not correct.So we homoeopath should be care during writting modern medicine in future.

  4. Real quackery .funish them mercilessly .

  5. To phir study kyu krvate ho allopathy ki …ak MBBS or BAMS se jyada able hota h BHMS physician .bcs use 3 pathio k knowledge hota h…bat krte h …