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Hospital Inspection report for DNB, FNB courses cannot be made public: Report

Hospital Inspection report for DNB, FNB courses cannot be made public: Report

New Delhi: The inspection reports of hospitals on the basis of which DNB/FNB seats are granted to hospitals by the National Board of Examinations(NBE),  is not meant to be available for public scrutiny, a recent RTI reply has revealed. A reply to this effect was given by the NBE, states a recent report in Times of India .

It is reported that information seeking the records of the inspection reports was asked sought through an RTI. However, the National Board of Examinations, which awards around 7000 PG seats, through these courses refused to reveal this information. The refusal came on the grounds that the said information was available with the NBE in a “fiduciary capacity” and could not be divulged without consent from the hospitals. Moreover, it added that it had asked the hospitals if information pertaining to them could be given to a third party but the hospitals had refused reports TOI.

The move is in sharp contrast, with the policy followed by the Medical Council of India, its parallel body for awarding PG courses, whose inspection reports are available under public domain, through its official website.

The NBE officials when asked for a reason for not divulging the details told TOI that its assessment reports included the hospital’s employment contracts with faculty members,  income tax details of the faculty along with pan number, which was confidential and therefore, could not be made public.

Explaining the need for confidentiality of the information, NBE added that certain information including the relevant assessment documents, list of assessors and other details would be put up on the new website, when it becomes operational by the end of June.

For the Purpose of approval of courses, both MCI and NBE visit the respective institutions to asses the infrastructure, faculty strength, patient load etc, and if satisfied, then grant the approval to the institution to offer the courses.

In case of NBE, the organisation grants accreditation for a period of five years, which is reviewed annually.

“If they made assessment details public through their website, students could complain if hospital claims turned out to be false. The students could be the eyes and ears of the NBE in enforcing the minimum criteria for accreditation. But without the assessment reports of individual hospitals, this is not possible. Private hospitals can refuse information, but NBE is a public authority. How can they take instructions from private hospitals and refuse to divulge information which ought to be in the public domain?” RTI applicant told TOI

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  1. Trying to hide facts reveal more than what they can hide.
    Those who probed and those who are being probed are equally guilty.

    After all these are not defense secrets pertaining to the security of the country.

    Shame on the NBE!!!

  2. all those who r negativly commenting against nbe r probly instigated by mci & thr likes or r PGdocs who wn2 discorage odrs4m doing PG..india s n bullockcartage since 70yrs finding excuses 2deny opportunity to those who wan2 study s sadism or foolishness or both..the vindictive the corrupt educated & uneducated , politicians& bureaucrats can treat themselves…wen they will b surrounded by only manipulative wolves..keep finding unnecessary irresolvable faults n nonfunded available systems & education which generates some sort of positivity finances & literacy…& lose all..dont understand ppl dont have brains or r consumed wd sadism jealousy of odrs development wd existing evils…& think they r Gods…or come up wd nonsense to divert ppls attention 4m real issues? or divert ppls attention 2 mk a more corrupt governing body or decrease educ8n seats…w8ever it is they r surely nonsensical unproductive n evn more disastrous than the systems they r complaining of…think about it

  3. In fact DNB Doctor s are better than Govt degree MDMS they should be appointed in Govt hospital as Sr . Resident report should be made available to public domain

  4. Then why hiding the reports .That means the hospitals don\’t have necesary infra either in terms of staff and infra. Teaching big ZERO

  5. A huge source of income…friends with benefits.

    PS: despite the fact that general public is being treated at all these hospitals, RTI or no RTI, who cares.

  6. Vast number of DNB hospitals, have no real infrastructure….if they reveal its all going to crumple down

    These courses are run for cheap labor initiative.

    MCI based medical college are no better…..