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High Court to Medanta- How many poor patients have you treated??

High Court to Medanta- How many poor patients have you treated??
Haryana: With the allegations piling against the premier medical institutions for not providing free treatment to the poor, despite getting free land from the government on the promise of the same, Medanta -the Medicity has now been ordered by Punjab and Haryana High court to provide full details of treatment it has given to poor people. The direction comes in response to a petition filed by a Gurgaon-based social activist, which alleged that Medanta-the Medicity had refused to treat poor cancer patients, despite being under obligation with a government contract. TOI reports that  Huda govt had allotted the plot to Medanta in April 2008 with the condition that the hospital would reserve 10% of its beds for poor patients to provide them free treatment and open a medical college within four years from the allotment. "But they are not following any of them. The poor are denied treatment and there is no medical college yet," the petitioner alleged. The petitioner also cited the case of a 23-year-old cancer patient, Poonam, who unable to arrange funds for her treatment, who approached Gurgaon MLA Umesh Agrawal. In response, the MLA wrote to Medanta, requesting the institute to provide her treatment. However, when the patient approached Medanta, she was denied any treatment. Responding to the allegations, the Punjab and Haryana High court has directed the hospital to file an affidavit with all the required details of its treatment to the poor patients before September 20. Meanwhile, the TOI report states that Medanta has denied all the charges. An official of the hospital told the daily, "We are following all rules and norms. We will give the required details to the court." Similar Actions in Delhi  While the directions have been given to Medanta by the High court, a petitions committee of the Delhi assembly is now doing surprise inspections to see, whether all the hospitals who have been given subsidized/free land in return for the promise of reserving some beds for poor patients are providing free treatment or not. Recently, surprise inspections were carried at PSRI Hospital and Max hospital and the hospitals were found severely lacking.

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  1. I know a case in Bangalore where a particular gentleman got land sanctioned to a cancer care centre . Later he started the centre and transferred the land to a corporate hospital . Like education health is ALSO a huge immoral business . In the name of advances in diagnostic tools these hospitals making huge money at cost of common man . Even they swear by mother Tera\’s , and persons like that . If the payment is not made goons R being used . Shame less pple . They have all types of CONNECTIONS

  2. No one dare to talk about religious charitable hospitals not giving concessions to poor.

  3. The same situation with the so called charitable hospitals , enjoying tax exemptions from the government. Most of them don\’t give any concessions to the Piotr and needy patients.

  4. it was the same story when the present promoter of this hospital was one of the promoter commissioned the hospital with escorts. The late Fakruddin Ali Ahmed\’s so Dr Ahmed go the land from Delhi govt on the same condition of giving free treatment to poor. No records. The corporate hospitals are another money making institute like private schools. It is the failure of the governments who are still fighting to give potable drinking water, education and health care to its people.

  5. Hopitals are profit making institutes how they can treat poor patient . FIR should be filed against the administration of medanta and huge amount of penalty should imposed on hospital to make that poorer patient rich and then treated in medanta.