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HP: 7 govt doctors suspended for private practice, more under lens

HP: 7 govt doctors suspended for private practice, more under lens

Shimla: Seven government doctors have been suspended for their alleged involvement private practice and willful absence while some other doctors are under the lens.

Health and Family Planning Minister Kaul Singh said these doctors were not performing their duties properly and were also involved in private practice.

He said government doctors are barred from doing private practice and therefore an inquiry is being conducted against these professionals.

He said the state government has taken serious note of the fact that the doctors remained absent from hospitals illegally and hence they were placed under suspension.

The suspended doctors include Dr Prashant Rana, Medical Officer, Regional Hospital (RH) Chamba; Dr Dinesh Thakur, Medical officer, RH Bilaspur; Dr Ashwani Sammi, Medical Officer, RH Chamba; Dr Pankaj Sharma, Medical Officer, Community Health Centre (CHC), Nalagarh, District Solan; Dr. Arvind Sharma, Medical Officer, CHC Kangra; Dr. Deepak Thakur, Medical Officer, Bilaspur; and Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Medical Officer, RH Bilaspur.

They have been attached with the Directorate of Health Services, Shimla, and have been asked not leave headquarters without permission of competent authority.

Source: PTI
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  1. Indian lawmakers themselves need apprenticeship for administering the country as a whole. Politicians are hardly worth calling them administrators. There should be a national policy for health delivery. Lalu\’s son has become health minister who is hardly educated worth calling. Shameful affairs.

  2. user
    Dr Biraj Mandal June 6, 2017, 9:12 pm

    if they have joined the Govt job knowing fully well that they are barred from private practice, they should be punished. Is this the way, they are teaching their children how to disobey Govt rules. Don\’t join the Govt service if you are so keen in priv prac. Taking money from both side, that also illegally, is nowhere allowed.

  3. user
    Vikrant Mohanty June 6, 2017, 4:37 pm

    If the appointment orders are in place and they have been receiving non-practicing allowance then the aforesaid are likely to suffer the consequences of law! If the NPA is meagre and even if the D:P ratio is low then you need to contribute and push for an appropriate action rather than taking actions on your own. This way you steal one person who doesn\’t have a Government job as well as private doctors earning too.

  4. Barring Govt employed doctors from private practice is unjust. This is precondition to teachers joining postgraduate institutes and doctors opting for this know & accept this. But barring \’private practice\’ is wrong on two counts. 1) Doctor patient ratio in our country is still low. 2) Compensation given (if at all) is a pittance. I don\’t know if in the order of appointment it is mentioned (often in small print)about private practice. Will some lawyer tell me if i can be barred from practicing what i am qualified in & trained for?