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ICMR recommends MCI to include lessons in traditional Indian medicine for doctors

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said it has proposed to the Medical Council of India the inclusion of introductory lessons in Indian system of medicine, including ayurveda, in the curriculum for doctors.

“We have suggested to the Medical Council there should be some introductory lessons taught in the curriculum for medical doctors to understand the Indian system of medicine, including ayurveda,” ICMR Director General Soumya Swaminathan said at the Seventh World Ayurveda Congress.

Discussing ICMR’s initiatives leveraging ayurveda for healthcare, she said the challenge is to make allopathy and ayurveda work together.

“There are a few issues which come up actually when we talk about the scientific validation and clinical trials for ayurveda products. The whole way of approaching the patient is very different in ayurveda. Therefore, we need to find a way in which both the systems can work together,” she added, also stressing on safety studies and standardisation of drugs.

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Source: IANS
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  1. user
    Bhupindera Jaswant singh December 7, 2016, 6:10 pm

    I agree medicine should be holistic in approach. I have added diet and nutrition yoga with internal medicine and pts like this.

  2. Why not include black magic, exorcism and voodoo also, that should complete the curriculum.

  3. Here are two articles that highlight the need for such an introductory module in MBBS curriculum:
    one is authored by an Ayurveda academician and another by a modern pharmacologist.

  4. user
    Dr.Sunila Sharma December 5, 2016, 11:44 am

    I agree with the proposal as the amalgamation of treatment strategies offered by different systems of medicines is more effective and less harmful than continuing with one system strategy .

  5. There are no scientific validity and evidence that amalgation of different systems will give better result with less adverse effect. It is quackery, nothing else. The treating physician will not be able to pin point which drug is producing the side effect. Let practioners of ayurveda, homoeopathy, Unani, naturopathy, hydrotherapy, and so many other alternative medicine provide scientific evidence before including it.

  6. user
    Dr.S.Rajpal, M.S.(Orth.) December 5, 2016, 11:05 am

    I don\’t think there is any harm in gaining any knowledge. We are well aware of the fact that a number of allopathic doctors are prescribing Ayurvedic medicines,therefore there is no harm in introducing the basic Ayurvedic pharmacopia in MBBS curriculam.

  7. user
    Dr Mohan Ranawade December 5, 2016, 11:14 am

    But are you sure Ayurveda works. If you are asked to demonstrate Vata, kafa and pitta, can you actually demonstrate it?
    Can you define Prana?
    It\’s not a science and our practice is entirely evidence based!!
    What nonsense are you talking ?

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