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If politicians can work till 75, doctors can also work till 70: UP Health Minister

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If politicians can work till 75, doctors can also work till 70: UP Health Minister

Lucknow: To tackle the rising shortage of doctors in the government health sector, the state health department made a proposal to elevate the retirement age of doctors from 62 years to 70 years.

The announcement regarding the matter was made by the state health minister, Sidharth Nath Singh on the inauguration ceremony of a primary health centre in Lucknow. The final decision will be taken after the proposal gets accepted by the state cabinet.

“If politicians can work till the age of 75 then doctors who are healthy can also give their services till 70 years. I will propose to the cabinet that their retirement age be raised to 70 years. There will also be a provision for voluntary retirement after 62 years of age,” Singh said reports TOI,.

The matter of the increasing the retirement age of doctors has been in discussion for quite some time now. In 2017, the Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved the enhancement of superannuation age of doctors with the central government to 65 years. Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare, Shri J P Nadda had welcomed the Cabinet decision and stated that it is a very visionary and pragmatic decision that will strengthen the health services in the country. The Union Cabinet had at the same time decided that doctors shall hold the administrative posts till the date of attaining the age of 62 years and thereafter their services shall be placed in Non-Administrative positions.

Following the same line, UP government has proposed the superannuation age of the doctors to be 70 years.

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The move seems to have not gone well the with the government doctors, who have pointed that the government should focus its efforts in filling the 7700 posts that are currently lying vacant. UP has one of the worst doctor-patient ratios in the country

The General Secretary of Provincial Medical Health Services (PMHS), Dr Amit Singh put forward few questions to the health sector, he told TOI, “How is extension of retirement age a solution to the gap in medical services. How will that gap be filled by this. All 11,000 doctors will not get extension, only those near retirement will opt if interested. What the government really needs to do is to give incentives for attracting young medical professionals in government service and incentive for rural postings, so that people don’t leave.”

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  1. Medical services are essential and vacancies should be filled at the earliest if government is sincere to provide proper health care to the people. Otherwise medical services can not be considered as essential. If minister\’s statement is correct then why age limit for applying for MBBS or MD/MS seat ?. In any profession, it is always best to retire after a period of work to give opportunity to younger people.

  2. user
    Dr. Suresh Gupta December 16, 2018, 7:03 pm

    Increasing age of retirement is d easiest solution for d state govt. It helps d state to continue the vacancies unfilled, saves on retirement benefits further deteriorating d quality of health care in d govt sector. With continued poor service conditions, doctors shun d services and d masses continue to suffer. Just considrr d vacancies of doctors over the vountry, state govts poor priority on health care comes to fore. Instead of starting unpractical schemes like Ayushman, govt whether in d state or d centre, should focuss on d quality of health care in d givt owned centres and hospital.

  3. user
    अनिल कुमार December 15, 2018, 1:55 pm

    सेवा काल बढाने से अच्छा है कुछ ऐसा करो जिससे युवा डाक्टर सरकारी सेवा की ओर आकर्षित हों।जैसे:-
    उनका NPA शीघ्र सातवें वेतन आयोग के अनुसार दिया जाये।
    उनकी व उनके परिवार की सुरक्षा के साथ रहने व बिजली की आवश्यकता का भी ध्यान रखा जाये।
    CMO या किसी सरकारी चिकित्सक को प्रशासन अनावश्यक परेशान न करे,देखा गया है कि CMO को ADM,SDM ही नहीं प्रधान, पटवारी,पार्षद तक हड़का देते हैं ।
    पोस्टमार्टम डयूटी का रोस्टर सही बने,रात्रि में विशेष परिस्थिति में ही हों।जिलाधिकारी वर्ष में अधिकतम ३० दिन ही ऐसा करवायें।
    रात्रि में महिला चिकित्सा अधिकारीयों से MLC,PM डयूटी न कराई जाये।
    आदि – आदि।

  4. Good decision but
    No misuse.

  5. Politics is different and health care is different. Who said politicians work? After sixty five reflexes go down. Mental status changes in at least 80% cases. If politicians does a mistake, people suffer and if a doctor errors, patient will kick the bucket. Please encourage the young doctors. Give them employment and control the corporate hospitals and Nursing Homes to bring down the cost of treatment. Hope everyone agrees this. Thanks

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