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IGGMC Nagpur: Doctors Assaulted, Security Guard Stabbed with knife

IGGMC Nagpur: Doctors Assaulted, Security Guard Stabbed with knife

Nagpur: In yet another incident of violence, Doctors at IGGMC, Nagpur were assaulted while the security guard was stabbed, following the death of a 6 year old.

As recounted by the resident doctors at the medical college hospital, the case that led to the assault concerned a 6-year-old patient who was admitted to the hospital on Friday, diagnosed with Guillain Barre syndrome. The patient’s family was counseled for IV IG, but could not arrange the same initially probably due to financial issues. After repeated counseling, finally, the family managed to bring one dose of IV IG which was immediately given to the patient on Saturday

The child developed progressive ascending paralysis with autonomic imbalance, and from today morning had respiratory difficulty. During the day, she went into bradycardia and had a cardiac arrest. Doctors immediately intubated her, performed CPR, but unfortunately, despite all efforts, the patient could not be revived.

” After the death of the patient, relatives became violent. The Father hit the door of the ICU, due to which the glass of the door was broken.T he mother of the deceased held the glass in hand and tried to injure us,” stated a doctor

It is reported that another relative of the patient tried to injure the doctors using a knife, but the security guard tried to control him. The man using the knife stabbed the security guard on the face 2 times, grievously injuring him. Doctors and nurses fled away from the scene to avoid further attack

The injured security guard were rushed to be given first aid and treatment. Authorities informed that he is stable now. Resident Doctors while condemning the attack hailed the guard for his valiant life saving efforts

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  1. user
    Abdul Samad Burhan May 11, 2018, 7:45 pm


  2. people should know that death is the normal course of illness & is not preventable 100% of the times. This has to be told when the patient is admitted. Poor communication is the cause of this trouble. Le there be video of communication with the patient on records. Any violence on medical staff after proper communication should be punished legally.
    Medicine is an extremely complicated subject and very difficult to judge. Third class people becoming doctors cause a huge problem. Division among doctors and politically motivated criticisms rather than truth. I want to improve the image of the doctor through academic thoughts. Ask innocent sc, st, human beings whether seats for medical profession should be based on caste or character.

  3. user
    Dr Seshamurthy May 11, 2018, 8:09 pm

    Nationalise all Medical colleges, NEET should be the criteria, and uniform pay for all the Doctors like CGHS

  4. user
    Rajendra Kumar Tanwar May 9, 2018, 9:18 pm

    This happen often in Govt. Medical College, Kota. The patient is brought in serious condition with high expectation from hospital. Poor cannot afford costly medicine. Hospitals are doing more than their capacity in all respect. Such incidences are not desirable and condemned. Culprit should be punished.

  5. horrible but as usual…routine….this is going to happen for some more years now…say 10-15….
    though medical profession is having some issues of mishandling of such situations….but in this case it it very sad that relatives hit the ground level docs….
    very unfortunate…n shameful act….
    n that to happen in govt hospital….so the reason is not financial like other big money makin hospitals…where they suck the money from illness of human being….
    the best way for ground level docs is to take proper precaution while handling such cases….
    no1 will going to help u other than jst sympathies n etc….not even ur seniors….
    they will never raise their voice….they just do some photo op things…n thats it…
    so be careful…be open minded…n start self learning bout more n more n more talks to relatives….be alert….i know its very difficult to do such things in govt hospitals…but thats the way to handle such situation…..

  6. user
    Abdul Samad Burhan May 11, 2018, 7:49 pm

    Good idea take precautions…… APPLY FOR GUN LICENSE AT THE EARLIEST for self defense

  7. Strictest punishment to be meted out to these relatives including jail for at least 5 years. Then only will these assaults stop. relatives are not willing to pay for life saving drugs, they come late to hospital and every time Doctors are blamed. Health Minister should be taken to task if Immunoglobin is unavailable