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IMA holds doctors responsible in Max hospital negligence case

IMA holds doctors responsible in Max hospital negligence case

New Delhi: Commenting on the issue of medical negligence involving Delhi’s Max Hospital, India Medical Association (IMA) President blamed the concerned doctors for committing the gross mistake.

“There is a gross mistake at the level of the medical doctor who was attending the patient,” IMA president KK Aggarwal told here.

Doctor Aggarwal’s statement comes after the newborn twin passed away during treatment at a hospital in Pitampura, yesterday.

Explaining the process of a person’s revival after death, Dr Aggarwal said there are two types of death in medical terms- temporary and permanent.

“There are two deaths – temporary and permanent. Permanent death means the heart has stopped, clinically the patient has died but the brain is still working. In case of hyperthermia, the brain is alive and the heart can be revived even after four hours,” he added.

Dr Aggarwal further said in this particular case the mistake occurred when the child was declared dead, while her brain was alive, even though the heart had stopped.

“In this case, the mistake was they declared the child dead when the heart was dead, the respiratory was dead, but the brain was alive and therefore when the heart got revived, the child lived for another few days. So this is a basic mistake of diagnosing temporary death as permanent death,” the doctor added.

Speaking on another incident of medical negligence, where the father of a seven-year-old girl, who died of Dengue in Gurugram’s Fortis Hospital has alleged that the hospital has offered a total of Rs 35,37,889 for assuring to stop his social media campaign against them, Aggarwal said, “This is between the Fortis and the patient, but the matter is under investigation and this has to be tacked to whether this was a medical negligence or not.”

However, Dr Aggarwal also said that IMA is proposing that there should be an independent financial audit, quality audit and social audit programme for private hospitals.

Medical Dialogues team had earlier reported that the Delhi Police transferred the case of a premature baby being wrongly declared dead by Max Hospital to its Crime Branch for the detailed probe.

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Source: With ANI inputs
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  1. How many such cases has Dr. Aggarwal attended to as a doctor??

  2. Either the reporting by medical dialogues is wrong (vide para 1 in quotes) or Dr Agarwal has taken leave of his senses.
    Dr Agarwal past president of CSI and API etc etc etc must explain how the brain can be \’alive\’ in HYPERTHERMIA (as reported) when the heart has stopped.
    It is so ludicrous.
    Without ascertaining the facts of how the heart was declared to have stopped – there ought to be no discussion.
    There is a time honoured practice in all government hospitals to observe a patient declared dead, for 4 hours before CONFIRMING death and issuing a death certificate. The CONFIRMATION must be by a senior doctor.
    Youngest doctor or other professional is made a scapegoat when in fact, the administration is at fault for not laying down clear guidelines.
    All the events in this case must be very traumatic for the parents.
    At the very least sensible guidelines must be in place

  3. Dr K.K.Aggarwal should keep in mind that if heart is in a state of standstill then the blood circulation can not occur which is the bases of circulatory system , therefore cerebral circulation will also stop . In case of induced hypothermia [ cardiac standstill ] with hypothermia which may be up to minus 20degree centigrade, extracorporeal circulation is established first to maintain the blood circulation and hence the oxygenation of all the vital organs even maintaining the cerebral circulation is possible . IF heart is in a state of standstill and there is no extracorporeal circulation then blood circulation must have stopped which includes cerebral circulation as well . Revival of cardiac activity after some significant time does not mean that the brain can not be dead . I SUGGEST cool application of mind before commenting and statements .

  4. Dr aggrawal. Have you spoken to any neonatologist before saying this.have you met the Dr who attended the babY before saying this. i can tell you you are wrong and going by media trial as i have worked with neobates and you have never attended a newborn