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IMA registers its trademark for allopathic doctors, release pointers all patients should know

IMA registers its trademark for allopathic doctors, release pointers all patients should know

New Delhi -  Addressing the issues of growing crosspathy as well as quackery as well as in an effort to improve the collapsing trust relationship between patients and doctors, the Indian Medical Association ( IMA), the largest body of medical practitioners in the country has recently announced a number of steps, including registering a new trademark for all allopathic medical practitioners to use.

The trademark, registered recently, shows the image of a red cross with Dr written at the centre, two signs universally identified as symbols of doctors. The association has made the said trademark available for use for not just its members but for all allopathy medical practitioners across the country.  The use of the symbol is targeted to benefit the patients, as it would help them identify a qualified allopathic doctor on the basis of an official insignia

[caption id="attachment_42558" align="aligncenter" width="500"] IMA Logo as registered under the trademarks act/NOC of Copyright[/caption] The association is now spreading awareness about the logo, asking its allopathy medical practitioners members to use this particular logo on their prescription/letterheads. This would not only guide patients in differentiating between allopathic practitioners and other pathy practitioners, but also serve as a punishment tool for curbing practices of crosspathy and quackery. Any non-allopathy practitioner using this logo in order to fool patients will be  also prosecuted under the Trade Marks Act Simultaneously, an IMA poster with a charter for patients is also being circulated within the medical fraternity, that brings out important pointers that patient should know. Following are the important pointers contained in the said poster

Things all patients should know about health care services

  1. Patients have the right to choose their doctor and doctors have the right to choose their patients as well.
  2. As per MCI Ethics Regulations 2.1.1: A physician is not bound to treat each and every person asking for his services. In non-emergent situations, a doctor has a right to choose his patients.
  3. As per MCI Ethics Regulations 3.3: If a patient expects the doctor to be punctual, the same is expected out of him also.
  4. As per MCI Ethics Regulations 6.4.1: A doctor is not bound to give rebates.
  5. Patients should be open with doctors about their medical and family history, history of allergies, smoking habits, alcohol intake, drug history, sexual behaviours, sexual preferences, and financial constraints, if any. No information should be concealed from the doctors.
  6. They should bring all medical records on each visit to the
  7. As per MCI Ethics Regulations 3.7.1: A doctor has the right to choose his fee as long as it is transparent and displayed. He expects the patient to pay the same in time. It is ethical to charge fee every time a consultation is given.
  8. If a doctor is referring a patient to a particular lab, it does not signify that the referral is linked to a commission. Different labs have different facilities and expertise.
  9. Doctors do not like to be disturbed on mobiles in non-emergent Some doctors may not like to give their mobile numbers.
  10. Do not ask your doctor to fill incorrect information in Mediclaim forms or give false sickness certificate. They can be jailed for fabricating records.
  11. Errors of judgment; difference of opinion; medical accidents; and mere deviation from standard practice guidelines do not amount to negligence.
  12. Doctors are required to possess only an average degree of skill and knowledge.
  13. The very fact that insurance companies allow doctors to be covered under indemnity insurance for deficiency in service and medical negligence means that errors are bound to occur.
  14. Criminal negligence requires anintent to harm. No doctor accepts a patient with this intent. Negligence is not the same as criminal negligence.
  15. Medical practice is regulated and doctors are not against However, no one should take law in their hands.
  16. Quality always comes at a price. If you get a fracture and do not get surgery done, there may be no risk to life. However, getting surgery for early recovery and better quality of life will always carry some risk.
  17. No drug is 100% safe and costly drugs do not mean they are more effective. All drugs cleared by the drug controller are safe for human consumption.
  18. Take all medicines as per a doctor's advice and also visit them as per schedule.
  19. Drugs from the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) may be cheaper and as effective as non-NLEM drugs. If non-NLEM drugs are needed, the doctor will explain why.
  20. Hospital services are provided by qualified and trained doctors appointed by the management. It may not be possible for treating consultants to be physically present in every
  21. Death or sudden death in a medical facility may not necessarily be the result of negligence.
  22. Even doctors are human beings and have a personal and social life. They may not like their patients to be on their social media list.
  23. In an emergency, it is normal for doctors to attend to serious patients first.
  24. Hospitals are 'NO SMOKING' zones and low-noise, 'Silent Zones'.
  25. The public should be aware of touts in the hospital premises and report them.
  26. The public should help in keeping the hospital premises clean.
  27. Visitors should not bring flowers, food, and other items from outside as this will help in infection control practices.
  28. Visitors under the influence of alcohol and substance abuse are not allowed in the hospital premises.
  29. In case of any complaints and grievances, one has the right to contact the hospital grievance cell.

Source: IMA
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  1. Good guidance worth it. I never knew it b4. I shall copy paste it and preserve it.

  2. user
    Dr paresh pujara M B B S M S L L B August 1, 2017, 10:16 pm

    IMAsays that if quack or other pathy doctors uses symbol then action will be taken under Trademark act. Still now ima is not able to stop practice by quack and other pathi doctor inspite of so many act and Supreme Court judgement. So how they do this?

  3. Mere rhetorics won\’t stop quackery especially in a country like India where there is huge burden of human resource but paucity of political will. We are better trained in corrupt practices than fair practices. Where r v going 2 get money from for such an ideal national theme. I have always argued that India should revive old courses of LMP/LMF and post them in peripheral rural and semirural centres where we don\’t need experts for big medical illnesses. Posting highly skilled costly expert products is both wastage as well mindless where such experts won\’t stay leading to needless blame game. Political class expects other doctors to go to rural centres but send their own wards abroad out of India. This is d big travesty of this country.

  4. Training of LMP/LMF will also help solve unemployment problem with cheaper product with better cost effectivity.

  5. user
    Dr Sunil Kadam July 31, 2017, 11:06 am

    Nice initiative to educate Drs n public.Needs wide publicity.