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Import of Doctors, Medical Teachers; Expansion of DNB, CPS: Niti Ayog pitches reforms for healthcare

Import of Doctors, Medical Teachers; Expansion of DNB, CPS: Niti Ayog pitches reforms for healthcare

While some steps have been taken, the system of Diplomate of National Board (DNB) and Diplomas from CPS, may be expanded. This will help to address the shortage of specialists in the country- Niti Aayog

New Delhi: With its ‘Strategy for New India @75’ document released on Wednesday, the Government think-tank NITI Aayog has pitched for reform in the governance of medical, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy education in the country, enhancing production of doctors, skilling non-physicians, engaging private sector and ensuring access to affordable drugs and medical devices.

The Aayog has suggested creating conditions to facilitate the import of doctors, especially those of Indian origin working abroad, and also deploying teachers from universities abroad as visiting professors at AIIMS or NIEs and developing framework for deployment of doctors and specialists from the private sector to government hospitals on a visiting or honorary basis to address the shortage of doctors.

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It has recommended expanding the system of Diplomate of National Board (DNB) and Diplomas from College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPS) to help address the shortage of specialists in the country and link at least 40 per cent of district hospitals with medical colleges.

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The Aayog has pitched for reforming the governance of medical, nursing, dentistry and pharmacy education in the country by enacting the National Medical Commission (NMC) Bill, 2017.

It suggested the establishment of a Council for Allied Health Professionals to ensure standardisation of education and putting in place quality control mechanisms for educational institutions, teaching methods, clinical protocols and workforce management.

It suggested putting in place an updated curriculum for medical and allied professions that keep pace with the changing dynamics of public health, policy and demographics.

It also called for initiating steps to stop the private practice by the faculty of government teaching institutions by providing attractive salaries and incentives.

To achieve universal health coverage, the Aayog has pitched for ensuring access to affordable drugs and medical devices.

It has recommended the institution of a new Drug Price Control Order (DPCO), which ensures rational drug prices by reducing trade margins and including consumables, in addition to drugs, in the DPCO to control undue profiteering.

It also called for finalising the national pharmaceutical policy to enable access to affordable medicines, promote the use of generic drugs, clamp down on unfair marketing practices and give a boost to local manufacturing to reduce dependence on imports.

It also recommended formulating and implement the e-pharmacy policy to facilitate online access to quality medicines in a cost-effective and timely manner.

“Review and iron out the challenges with the business model of Jan Aushadhi stores to ensure that they can function as self-sustaining entities and scale up rapidly across the country,” the report said.


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  1. Why the govt. has made AYUSH,if it can\’t do anything for the betterment of ayush doctors.Ayush doctors are saving crores of life daily.We don\’t have infrastructure nor any special training facility to enhance our healthcare skill.Do something sir……..

  2. 497 medical colleges in country are producing more than 60000 doctors per year to already existing pool of million doctors doctors today.Think what will happen after ten years? Think tank doesn’t have real thinking and working on perception created by media about medical profession

  3. Total no. of Allopathic doctors registered in Andhra Pradesh and
    Telangana: 84,000 i.e. 1 allopathic doctor per 1,047 population. Do these
    states needs quacks to provide allopathic healthcare services.??

    Search on Medical Council of India website “Andhra Pradesh Medical
    Council” on 03.05.2018 showed 81,423 doctors upto year 2015.

    Search on Medical Council of India website “Hyderabad Medical Council”
    on 03.05.2018 showed 12,267 doctors before its merger with Andhra
    Pradesh Medical Council in 1989.

    Search on Medical Council of India website “Telangana State Medical
    Council” on 03.05.2018 showed 2,355 in the year 2016.

    Andhra Pradesh has added more than 6,000 MBBS doctors in years 2016
    and 2017.

    Telangana has added more than 2,500 MBBS doctors in year 2017.

    Total doctors count comes to around 1,04,000. Take out 20,000 doctors
    (expired, stopped practicing, went to foreign countries etc.)

    Still we have 84,000 doctors for 8.7 crore (5.2 crore Andhra Pradesh and
    3.5 crore Telangana) which comes to around 1 doctor per 1,047

  4. Government says “Qualified doctors don’t go to rural areas” Is it true?

    In June 2017, for 19 posts of PHC medical officers, 193 have applied in YSR Kadapa district.
    In Oct 2018, for 1100 CAS posts more than 7,000 MBBS doctors have applied and many eligible doctors have not applied because of various reasons. Husband or wife is a specialist or superspecialist settled in one municipal town, the other cannot stay away from life partner leaving family and kids for may be 28 days a month, kids don’t have good education facilities, PHCs don’t have lab tests, ICU, anesthetist etc but Dist collectors ask for number of deliveries conducted per month which is practically very risky in today’s world, need to prepare for Postgraduation, lack of job satisfaction because of poor health infrastructure etc.
    510 PHC med officers posts . Applications 5,000 in telangana. 2017. What is fate of other 4500 doctors.? They have worked hard in their lives.

  5. Every year around 6,000 MBBS graduates are added (in AP and TS) to existing pool of Allopathic doctors. There are tens of thousands of MBBS graduates without proper job and income. Governments of AP and TS have not created NEW jobs even 200 per year in last 5 years. Private Hospitals pay 20,000 to 30,000 Rs per month without proper Job offer letter. Private practice: more than 2,00,000 unqualified people practice allopathy without fear of law. More than 50,000 Retail Pharmacies sell Allopathic prescription Medicines without punishment.