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Bravo- Indian Doctor Saves life Mid Air flight MH 130

Bravo- Indian Doctor Saves life Mid Air flight MH 130

Proving that a doctor is always on job, an India Doctor, Dr Anchita Pandoh saved the life of a air hostess mid air in a flight of Malaysian Airlines MH 130 who had fallen unconscious. It was a Sunday Morning when Dr Anchita Pandoh was travelling from Auckland to Kuala Lumpur where after an hour of the flight, the Captain made a frantic announcement asking for a doctor.

Dr Anchita rushed to the front compartment and found that an air hostess had fallen unconscious and other flight attendants were trying to help her. The doctor immediately took charge of the situation and stabilised the patient with the medical equipment including oxygen cylinders that  was available in the flight.

Saurabh Kumar, Dr Anchita’s  husband shared the story and his wife’s humble help to the air hostess on social media platform, Facebook. The post has indeed gone viral, with the world coming out to thank and congratulate the doctor


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  1. user
    Krishan Sharma March 9, 2017, 11:53 pm

    Excellent job done by Doctor as per ethics. Congratulations and heartiest thanks….! Keep it up and always help the needy of medical aid…..Almighty does keep a record of selfless help and rewards the helping hands.

  2. But in our country, only Olympic medal winners get the recognition and rewards.
    I pity them.

  3. once similar kind of incident happened with my doctor cousin. He was tavelling to US by a Korean Airlines. One passenger needed emergency attention. My brother attended and saved the life. He was awarded an appreciation certificate, a momento and a frequent flyer card by the said airlines. We both are doctor from Calcutta. Lot of adverse campening is going on about Calcutta doctors. I feel that we should unite and send protest letters to President of India about the wrong comments about West Doctors.Bengal

  4. Doctor in deed, is surely, the Best friend in need.